2007-03-11, 5:36 p.m.

gosh it's been 3 months since i started my teenage life. how time really flies. although i have to admit that it rocks, i can't deny that it
has its setbacks.

school starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon. on thursdays in the evening. but nevertheless, school is fun, and i love my friends there.
i just realised that i had found something i never noticed before in my life. friends are not for decorations. friends are there for a purpose. they were created for a purpose. and that was obviously found in my new friends. they have something nolstagic about them. it is definitely apparent in one of them. i won't tell you who.. but i'm truly grateful to her.

another person, i'm also very grateful to, is elisa i suppose. she let me realise that grades isn't everything. even though her grades are suffering, alright i won't really call it suffering, but well.. not really average, her mindset completely differs from normal humans. i'm not indicating that she isn't a normal human, but at least i admire her for that. a strong girl who excels in sports, i truly admire her. she 'dsaed' into our school and we actually met before. a strange meeting, but we met on the court once. probably primary 6.. yeah probably. i wish i could be like her. but i know and never will be. i just hope that one day i'll realise that i'm different. so is she. that's what make each a special individual, isn't it?

lastly i'll like to end this by wishing everyone a happy march hols and dun waste it by not hanging out!

huii. =)

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