2007-05-19, 11:16 a.m.

cheok's celebrating her birthday today! yipee! :D so happy for her. also don't know why. =P but her birthday's tmr. so I'm smsing her tmr. :D
I rejected her birthday invite though. got stuff to do today with dad. we need to book the bus tickets for the 26th to go to err, kl I think. for one su-po's birthday. then after booking that we're going to the travel agency to book the air tickets for the trip to new zealand. can't believe how excited I am after making so many trips overseas. this time my sis's not going, so I guess I'll bring a book with me to record everything interesting I find there. (: bet it's gonna rock. cus it's winter there now! :D
my sis's not going cus' my dad said she spent an awful lot of money for the russia trip. the air ticket + the stuff she bought there. so he didn't really allow her to come for this trip. but everytime we go overseas my sis will come, so this time I'm kinda not used to her absence I think. but again, I think it's because of our age gap, and our distance, surprisingly I didn't feel sad when I heard that she wasn't coming. I didn't exactly feel happy also, but I just didn't feel SAD. I mean normally if she said she didn't want to go this place, I won't go also. and similarly if she said she was going, I'd go also. but this time I felt pretty indifferent about it. oh she's not going ar, don't go lor. something like it's none of my business. but I bet it's gonna be so fun all the same. just that you know when you have siblings, when you see anything interesting, funny, irritating or going-ons like these, you'd always like to share with one another. so this time I think since she's not going, I'll record everything down in a book and tell her when I get back. ^^
Life's great now. One more week to holidays. tell you the truth, I CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR IT. but I know holidays comes fast and goes as fast. it doesn't really last. so I hope I'll make the most out of it. get ample rest and so on. AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 11TH OF JUNE! :D it's the day we're leaving for new zealand. it's the night flight though, we think, so I still have to wait till night. ahhh, can't wait for it! but at least now we don't have homework ANYMORE. st.nicks arranged the last week to be an enrichment week - meaning that we don't have lessons, instead we go to places like chinese heritage centre etc, conduct maths and humanities trail etc. well at least we won't have lessons, that's something. =X
right I've got to go now, dad's rushing to GO BOOK THE TICKETS. WOOOHOOOO~~ hope I don't sound real conceited. =X
until next time,
yihui! (:

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