2007-09-25, 8:23 p.m.

It's tuesday!
So tmr's wednesday!
And that's like, half the week alr!
Feels good.
Want the review tests to past quickquick fastfast. The pressure to do well is shortening my lifespan. Goshh.
Thursday's maths! I think I'm gonna flunk that. It's like. Omg. And the way Clement Tan explains questions doesn't help AT ALL. His explaination is like damn long, complicated, useless, and idiotic. I'd rather do Miss Sabariah's way- short, sweet, simple and EFFECTIVE. His methods are like, redundant and super-uncalled for.


OOO. My shuffle's ready for use! At least, another 3h later, cus I just started charging an hour ago. AT LEAST I CAN USE IT WHILE PRACTISING MATHS TMR. (: <3 it! Hope it works well. MY previous mp3 didn't work very well with me. It screwed up not long later.


I have a new fridge! Well, kaye, not mine, my FAMILY'S. It arrived today, and it's HUGEEEEEE. Didn't expect it to be so big. 0.o Well, it looks big compared to the previous one.

What else.

OH, Elisa's talking quite a bit to me. LIke, more than last time. Shermaine, her and I spent like 10mins talking about boobs and asses and laughing like shit. Then yingxian and verbs were like "OMg wth are you all talking about. Sounds so sick. -.-"


I got a damn 20/25 for english. )" (Review test) I was sooooooo disappointed!! I lost 5 marks. DAMMIT. -.- Haiish. 5 marks.. Mr Wheelon gave me a lecture. Gosh. I hope that woke me up. Didn't feel like it did anyway.

And we went to play badminton today! LOL. Damn funny. It was like, Beatrice&Nerissa&Shermaine&Lijuan&I were at the courts, then we were singing that "AIYO BU DE LIAO! ZHEN SHI ZAO GAO LIAO! WO DE LIANG MAO QIAN! ZEN ME BU JIAN DIAO!" that tune. Then composing our own verses. DAMNNN FUNNY. Hahah!


History was easy. Geog was easy. Maybe it's cus' I did study. Maybe next time I should study more; I might find the papers easier.
Anyway, it was good news to me that I didn't spend that whole of Sunday mugging at home for nothing; there was some good points. ^^ <3 the papers! I want an A!

Maths's on thursday. Sad. I don't think I'll do well for it, but I want an A for it. Yes I know I'm weird. -.- And dad will be so disappointed if I don't get an A. SIGHS.

C-lit tmr! Hope it's as interesting as last week's. Last week's was entertaining. ^^ And enriching. xD

I think that's all? Or should I add the fact that I'm still talking to Peishan's clique? =P I'm quite happy, but it doesn't make me feel any better. Nevertheless, I still get to hear their voices directed to me. That's lucky. Hope it stays that way.

<3 yihui! (:

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