2007-12-14, 5:17 p.m.

sighs.. past 2 days were right-down SUCKY. =/

let's recall.. since today is friday.. lets start from wednesday..

i had nothing going on on wednesday, but as usual my eyes were glued to the comp for the entire day and as usual my mum told me to sms sis to ask what time she was coming back. that was when everything happened.
sis stated the sms that she won't be home until 2+ cus she'd be going for supper with ex-classmates. i read the sms as it was to mum and she got pissed- which was as usual again. then she told me to reply saying 'be back earlier', again. i did that, but i added 'can you just call her and be done with it' cus i was watching bleach. well, she did what i wrote in the sms and called the house. mum picked up and chaos arised. if outsiders peeked into the house they'd have thought that she was a lunatic cus she was practically screaming to herself without a pause since she wasn't giving sis a chance to talk. then she hung up on her, LOUDLY, and stormed into sis's room.
then sapph smsed me saying 'wah she hung up on me sia', blahblah, etc, and it ended with 'she's one step away from disowning me. -.-'.
then she told me dad allowed if she left a no. with me if there was any emergencies. so fine, dono what time she came home cus i fell asleep i guess.

next day.. thursday.. 9.40..

went for tuition, came home with brain nearly bursting with mass number, atomic number = proton number, and that a nucleus stored protons and neutrons and electrons were the ones orbiting around the nucleus in an atom.
then.. mum didn't yell or shout at sapph.. she just told her "i have only another 20 years to live if i'm lucky. if i'm not i may leave 2 years later. should you get pregnant or aids if you continue to frequent those places, it's your own life and blame no one else but yourself. you're alr going to that ahlian path, but you haven't noticed or you won't notice." etc. i call that semi-disowning as sapph put it. it was hard for me, even as i was on the couch, trying my best not to look at the both of them, all i saw from the corner of my eye was sapph nodding when mum paused for her answer. gah. these 2 days sucked completely. =/

today wasn't as bad.. :DD love my new haircut. ^^ isn't as bad as elisa's. hahha. (: i think i look better, but it'd be meaningless if my inner self didn't change. >< sighs..

always hoping that my tomorrow will be a better day.

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