2008-01-18, 4:58 p.m.

hellooooooo. :D:D

so.. yesterday..

oh! i had to stay back for the stupid board thing. i don't get it; i'm not even in charge of aesthetics! grr! but miss lin told me to do it cus i'm BOSS. but anyway, on wednesday, ner helped me with the front board. yesterday (thursday) denise and juan came back to help! and cheok bought my food for me! or juan, ohwell, the two of them. haha :D gosh, thanks to the 4 of them! (: i'd probably have finished it by 4+ if i did it by myself! thanks so much! (:

oh and yesterday, enqi was supposed to give me tuition on physics, and when i went to the canteen, i saw mag, peishan & sng as well. =.=" a little awkward la.. i mean, not with mag, with the both of them. it's like.. so weird.. then they like also so nice to me liddat.. i dono if they fake nice or not la, but they looked really nice. 0.o so i stayed there for awhile so that i could understand. :D:D cus if i dono then i can just ask enqi. so then sng was sayiing mag had no skills and think she wouldn't get in, and mag CRIED. can you believe it. all of us were like "eh mag you crying ar! don't cry la!" LOL. gosh. she scared all of us sia. cus mag usually really don't cry de; then suddenly just.. CRY liddat. so scary. =/

ooooooh, daphne darling sprained her knee. >< take care honey! <333

then today was kinda alright.. :D talked about class tee in class, then i thought their ideas were not bad! (: hope more people will buy though..
asked sapph for her opinion and she said two things.
one is that when we personalise, we should put the whole class's name and bold your name or something. it's better if we don't personalise cus after all, it's a class tee.
second is that everyone should try their best to buy because we don't know if we'll be in the same class for sec3/4. and i mean, when you buy a class tee, it's like sharing an identity amongst all of us. she said, "don't you all want something that you can look back and say i was in 2grace?" okay something like that; i know my sentence structure is wrong. lol.
shall try my best to persuade all of them to buy with those 2 reasons.. xD but i bet the price matters too. =/ some can't buy cus they're financially tight. and the personalising too, i think we shouldn't personalise. 0.o

today's lessons were slack. LOL. had pe! javelin!! (: i think it's fun man. LOL. javjavjav!! :D:D

then had the enrichment for xiang sheng. LOL. damn funny la. okay la, a bit only, but at least it was entertaining. xD beat and mag laughed like mad; and their laughter is contagious. =.="

yup. i guess that's all about it for today. :D:D

waiting for cny to come faster..~! xD

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