2008-03-02, 7:33 p.m.

Booyo. [:

Today turned out to be pretty alright.. kinda didn't have the mood, but forced myself to go, thinking that Elisa'd come. Lol.
Headed to the mrt station after tuition with Sapph (didn't have mood for physics / maths this morning, so didn't really absorb much) in my dress! HAHA. :D I think the dress's cute! LOL. But I didn't like wearing it by itself, so I borrowed a jacket from Sapphy. [:

I waited for Juan for HALF AN HOUR. I was there at 1130. LOL. So we went to cityhall together, at TWELVE. When we got there, I told Juan not to be shocked at Cheok's dressing, & I was right. xD Cheok was wearing this horizontally-striped top (hoodie) with a DAMN SHORT SKIRT. It's not that short, but it's that kind of you stand at the top of the escalator, people at the bottom can see what the colour of your underwear is. LOL.

Nicole came soon, and she was so shocked. HAHA. :D Juan said she was laughing secretly as well. xD so we talked together for awhile, then went to ToysRuS' before the movie started. I watched Jumper AGAIN, & I kinda spoiled Cheok's entire show. LOL. Cus I was telling her this part very nice, watch. Hahaha :D or this part damn funny, watch carefully. Anyway, it was a great show, so I didn't mind watching it a second time. :D

Walked around after the movie ended, and went to SecretRecipe for tea. Haha [: we all had cakes, except for Cheok who had lagsane. xD I had cake & lasagne. Great meal. [:

Went to starbucks after that, bought the rapsberry frap, AND IT DIDN'T EVEN TASTE LIKE RASPBERRY. It tasted something disgusting. So I gave it to Cheok. Haha ^^ thanks darl.

Went home after that with Nicole & Juan, and here I am posting this. Lol.

As usual, Elisa said she'd call / sms to confirm with us, but did she? They were waiting for her call / sms, but I told them trust me, Elisa won't sms. She's that kind, & I had a feeling she won't do it today.
And I was right, wasn't I?

And to think that I forced myself to go today just because I thought she'd come. Lol. Feel so dumb sometimes.

Quarrelled with my mum again just now. Really can't talk to her for a few seconds. She just looks down on me. Period.
Mugging for physics later, just to prove to her that I'll make my mark when I grow up, and I'll leave for UK.
Just to prove a point.

Hate her. ]: why do I have a mum like that! She thinks Sapph is the only successful daughter she'll have? Fine, just to prove a point, I'll show that Sapph isn't. It's not for her; it's for me.

Time to bongbong (Juan) / bombom (Hui). Hahhaa [:


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