2008-04-04, 3:28 p.m.

Omg, it's been a week since I updated. GOSH.

So.. lots of things..

School break for us [Monday]! Spent the day with Yvette, Cheryl & SweeEn. So Cheryl left us at 2 when we met up at 10. -.- and then we got bored of Orchard, so we went to SweeEn's house, loaded with Amos' cookies :D enjoyed them with her air-coned room, then went down to the pool soon. OMG, SO MUCH FUN. LOLS! We spent like 1 half hours there. LOL, really super fun. We saboed Yvette like mad xD soooooo fun! :) and her pool wasn't really big, so yeah, just nice :D

THE VERY NEXT DAY [School], I WAS RUNNING A FEVER. -.- I really think it's the pool's fault. GOSH. Maybe her pool's polluted or somethin, but Yvette and her were fine, so I guess I'm just allergic to it or somethin.
:( went to school for 1h, then really couldn't take it, so came home. Thought it was nothing, so I just went to bed without taking panadols. When I got up, it was even worse; I had difficulty walking. :( Goshhhh. So I just lay in bed all day, cus it didn't
get any better. :( By around midday, Mum bought this animal tumour thing. It's supposed to be what's in their body when they get cancer, so Mum bought that. It was really ex, 200 bucks for that small miserable amount of powder. But it was really bitter, eu. :( So yeah, I ate that, supposed to get better using the theory of "以毒攻毒", but no, it didn't get any better. By around 5, I was sick of lying around, I forced myself to get up and get the thermometer to know what my temperature was, & I saw 38.9. At first I was abit dazed, then I was so awake. Like, shit, how come so high. Went to the doctor in the night, got better the next morning :)
So, took one day off to slack at home, doing nothing :D

Which means, by the time I went back to school, was Thursday, & I missed loads of work. I couldn't even do homework 18, cus I missed the first Math lesson and the second on Wed. :( I didn't go for LD either, gave the excuse of being sick [partially true], but the other reason was just I WANTED TO STUDY GEOG. I was supposed to start on Tues, you see. But I fell ill at the wrong time, so I could only PROPERLY start on Thursday. & I swear I failed the geog paper today. I practically wrote rubbish which didn't make any sense at all. :( Sapph said 'falling sick' is a legitimate reason, so if you don't do so well, no need to take it so hard on yourself. Ohwell, I guess that's that.

Tauhuay with Sherms, Ner, Juan & Lilin today. Lilin - Ner's infocomm friend, sounds nice and everything, but a bit fake to me. MAYBE IT'S JUST ME [& it probably is], but I just think that way.

Need to do notes on Bio today; hope I don't fall asleep while doing it.

3 more weeks to the trip. Mummy doesn't want me to risk anything. Falling sick, injuries, whatsoever. So, unless it's school-related, otherwise I can't go / do. SAD :(

THANKS FOR THE SMSES GUYS :) namely : Sherms, Girl & Ner [call],
Elisa, Denise, Cheok, Alvin.

Nothing from Juan or Sherylynn. :( but it's alright. Kinda used to it.

I guess that's it. Been a rather long post. Shall stop here.

Hui :)

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