2008-05-10, 9:21 p.m.

It's been nearly a week since I came back! And I haven't posted ANYTHING about my Europe trip! Well, here goes! Day by day, so it's gonna be really long cus there's 10 days in all! :)

Day 1:
Touched down at 9am in Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol. It was a 20min shuttle ride to the hotel from the airport. Put our luggage down in the A4 hotel (4 stars) cus wasn't time to check in yet, so we went to eat at the 'chains' opposite our hotel. There was this Marche thing there, but it wasn't. But it was sort of like the same thing, cus you pick what you want, they do it there, and then you pay. :) food was horrible, never went there again. They wanted to eat roasted chicken, but it started only at noon I think, so we just left and ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken. & I'm saying that's how they spelt it, not KFC. Hahaha :) mummy was laughing :D
So we ate there, was a pretty good meal, though we calculated that stupid KFC meal cost us 40 sing bucks, cus in Euros was 20++, so convert it to $$ = 40plus.
Went back to the hotel after that. But we were kinda late for the bus [can't remember clearly], so we checked in first instead for one room. THE ROOM WAS GREAT. IT WAS SOOOO BIG! :) <3 hahaha =x
So well, we caught the next bus & then went back to the airport's Tourist Counter or something like that to get our tourist tickets for tourists attractions :) 200plus Euros I think. Lols.
So all the tickets were for the next day except for the visit to AnneFrank's house. OMGOSH. I think we wasted money on that. Cus I totally wasn't paying attention cus I was freakin tired. Jetlag. LOL. Because you see, 7pm there = 3am sg time zone. Seriously felt like just sleeping there. But I endured it, so I just walked through the entire place without anything absorbed.
Oh, & we took this horse carriagey thing before we went to AnneFrank's house cus it was still so early. It was cool can. First time ever on a carriage. You hear how the horses' hooves go clock-clock-clock, just like heels! :) then Sapph's carriage was in front of us, and she asked Marlow [the driver] how old their horse and my horse were. So when Marlow turned back to ask the bro [shit, forgot his name], he thought she was asking for MY age instead of the horse's, so he replied FIFTEEN. Then she HUH? LOL. It was damn funny.
Went back to hotel for a GREAT SLEEP after the day. :) day 1, passed without any incidents. :)

Day 2:
Woke up at 7am, bathed, breakfast was at 730. Oh, Amsterdam's hotel breakfast was FREAKIN GOOD. It was the best out of the 3 places we went to. :) arranged to get on the bus at 0840 to Schiphol, and then we trained to Amsterdam Central Station. That's where town is and that's where you get to anywhere from there. We had the canal hop-on & off thing, & we hopped off at VanGogh's museum. We found it it wasn't pronounced as Van-Gof, but it was Van-Hog. COOL, isn't it. We never knew that. Pretty interesting. Bet MissLin'd wanted to go there. Well, maybe she's alr been there, but it was really huge. Like 4 levels. Woosh. ALL walls filled with his paintings except the first cus it's paintings which belong to those artists whom he'd gotten his inspiration from. :) but it was really huge & pretty boring, but fun. :D
Went to Rokine Road after that for AMSTERDAM DUNGEON! It's supposed to be a ghost trail, but it turned out to be more educational than horror. It's like they tell you what happened in Amsterdam during the wars, what kind of tortures they used, etc. And they got professionals to really make it as if you enter their Age. They don't laugh, they know their lines well. They were REALLY GOOD. They scare you at the right moment, they pick people to stay in the room while they scare them, etc. These 2 girls who came with my family were told to stay inside the surgeon's room while we were told to go out, and then when she came out, she was crying. -.- scared us. Hahaha :) but it was really fun. & I got scared twice. Cus we were in this room, where it was something like a witch's chamber I guess, & then the lights go on and off. & when it's off, it's totally dark. You can't even see your own fingers unless you feel them. Then the first time was, the lights came on and she was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME with all her disgusting make up. But wasn't really that shocked, cus I expected that to happen, just not to me. -.- Second time was lights went out, she was at my side and went BOO. Woah THAT was creepy. Lols :)
Oh, & there was this orange drink there, called SISSI. LOL :) it tastes like our F&N orange, but it's slightly more concentrated. & IT'S CALLED SISSI! Went to eat at KFC on the first day and the woman asked if we wanted SISSI. :D
Walked to Chinatown after that. Went to their red-light district, & omgosh, it's totally disgusting. The girls sell themselves in front of a glass case as if it's nothing. It's your own body! How can you freakin do that. It's gross, really grossed me out. Well then we saw like "LIVE PORN" or "SEX SHOWS" everywhere. 50 years down the road [or even shorter / longer], my DDY said Singapore'd have to become like that too. And they were selling drugs everywhere. -.-
Well, we ate ChineseCuisine! THE ONLY CHINESE MEAL WE HAD IN THAT 10 DAYS. Hahaha :) food was pretty good! Worth those Euros! :)
Walked back to the stations with 2 sissis in hands :D we bought them at a convenience store, and we decided to chill it with natural aircon cus there wasn't a fridge in the room. Went back to the room, left the sissis in the balcony and went to bed. Hahaha :)
Oh, and their balconies, are REALLY SHIOK. They have like chairs for you, so you can just sit there, watch the moon, enjoy the chill air, and think about people in Sg. :) it was really good.

Day 3:
"Kicked off the day with seeing Sapph's faeces" was what I wrote in my dairy. Hahaha :) cus we were going to go down for breakfast alr, and then I saw her freakin faeces in the toilet bowl unflushed. -.- fyi, I shared a room with her, Daddy&Mummy, Gran & Aunt, so yeah. Bussed to Schiphol after a wonderful and filling breakfast, shocked at seeing the freakin estimated 5m long queue, finally reached Keukenhof [pronounced as Keukof] garden. The flowers were really breathtaking, but it was also CROWDED. You could hardly take photos, etc. & I was thinking of cycling through the garden. Was totally disappointed. Well anyway, we first started off walking together. Took photos, had lunch. Lunch was GOOD. Sapph & I ate something like spaghetti in mushroom sauce [fyi, it was green in colour] and they ate CHICKEN AGAIN. Daddy ate fish, I think. :D
Well then after lunch, we split up :D papa went alone cus he wanted to sit down and just look at flowers. The three of them went together. -.- then Sapph & I decided to just go to a patch of grass and sit. So we sat, and then next to us, was this Jap couple eating SUSHI. Can you imagine? SUSHI. WE WERE SO JEALOUS. HAHAHA. And then, we started walking a distance, and then we sat again. We just kept walking and sitting, sitting and walking. Finally, we settled on this patch of grass for around 1h, plucking grass. LOL. We collected a bouquet, and then I kept it somewhere. When I brought it back it was alr dead =x so lame.
Well then we ate strawbarry with whipped cream for 8Euros was worth it! IT WAS GOOD, with EXTRA WHIPPED CREAM. Hahaha :D
So as Sapph said, we spent 7h there,
2h- Eating + walking.
5h- Planting our asses to the grass to let fertilise the grass :D
Went back with contented Mama, Gran, Aunt cus they managed to go on a cruise to see more flowers they couldn't see on land, and a semi-grouchy Dad :) slept the night away, waiting to go to Paris.

Okay I think this post for Amsterdam has been rather long, so I'll post the Paris's one in a different entry, but I'll post them now. Hahaha, Paris next!

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