2008-06-14, 9:10 p.m.

Yay, it's still my birthday :D

Kept saying 'Haha' & 'Thanks' today, but for some reason, this year's birthday's so dull. Guess how I spent it.

Slept at 1-ish after receiving 2 birthday wishes : Mok & Jiaen.
From 9-ish until now : Received Sherms, Qianyi, Girl, Dar, Kor, Sheryl, Juan, Nicole, Vi, Van, Xuan, Maryanne birthday wishes. That's like, pathetically miserable. :( but nevertheless, thanks for remembering and wishing me a Happy Birthday :) thanks to you guys, my birthday was slighly better than it should have been. :)

Elisa claims that she'd remember, but obviously she didn't. Well I did expect that, but I'm still a little disappointed. Lols. Sherylynn too, didn't sms or something. Kinda sad. :)

Ner's probably overseas, otherwise she'd have smsed, I'm sure. For some reason, I have absolutely confidence in Nerissa :)

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FLOWER AS WELL! Hahaha, I'm 12h younger than her. She was born at 7am, I was born at 7pm :D Happy birthday! :)

Okay, sad birthday this year :) hope it gets better by the year.

Had birthday lunch with my family! :D Dimsum :D but that wasn't the main point. The point was IT'S THE WHOLE FAMILY! My family haven't gone out together in ages :) stupid parents' are really like children sometimes. Tsk :D then came home, FINISHED MY LIT :D & then Sapph & Dad had to do some stuff for Mummy. Then Eddie came, THEN WE STARTED PLAYING MAHJONG after Wordfactory :D kinda fun :D

Okay, so that's how I spent my birthday. Kinda sad isn't it :)

Going Night Safari tmr! Supposed to have gone today, but we started playing Mahjong, so it ended at 830 :D so we're going tmr! :)


Hahaha, *grins like Weilian* LOL. If BBT would appear in my dreams tonight, it'd be the most awesome present this year :) hope they do and HOPE I REMEMBER IT! Gahhhh, obsessed :D WEILIAN IS THE BOMB, DUMB UNTIL SOOO CUTE! Wangzi's still the best <3 then AHWEI!! :D:D:D

If I could see them RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME TONIGHT BEFORE 12, I CAN JUST DIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. LOL. :D but they're back in Taiwan alr! :(

Okay this is getting stupider and stupider by the second. I have around 2 and a half hours before my birthday ends. So sad :(

Ja, matta.

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