2008-06-26, 8:57 p.m.

It feels like a decade has pass since I posted.

School started on Monday, and it's the last day of school tmr :) okay not exactly, since we have the openhouse shit on Saturday, but yeah :) No homework :D

Aluumnae reception ushering duty next Thursday night at Raffles Convention Centre :) if everything goes smoothly, we'll be able to report at 8.30 in school the next day and skip common test! Yay :)

& I have this feeling that I've just met the best and worst History teacher: Miss Kay. Okay I have no idea how to spell her first name, but I guess that's it. She's wonderful at teaching, but equally annoying. And we're gonna be stuck with her for 10 weeks, cus by then her baby should be coming out soon. -.- how suayyyy :( but it might be good. 0.o

I feel as if I'm lagging a lot in my work alr. And I don't want to do anything about it. How shit is that. Today that puppetry thing at JuEng Home, when walking out to the entrance, I walked alone & Miss P. said I was reflecting on the performance, but I wasn't. The truth is, I was thinking if I'd retain this year, which most probably would be a yes. Well, even if I do pass, it would most probably be the A column, the probation thingy. Sighs :(

OKAY BACK TO STUDYING HOME ECS! I've taken more than an hour's break! Have to pass by hook or by crook tmr! It's in the bag, AND I KNOW IT! YIHUI GOGOGOGO :D

I love you all, esp Wangzi & Ahwei <3

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