2008-06-30, 6:35 p.m.

My maid left on Saturday. My room feels so empty now. & I was dying for her to leave so that I could have my own room back.

Can't believe how idiotic I was.

She said byebye to Sapph & I early in the morning at 8, & I started crying. I didn't go cus I know I'll start crying if I go with her. So I stayed at home with Sapph and cried myself to sleep again. I woke up at 1, and I thought "She's gone alr." So , fine. I won't see her again. Not in the near future at least.

I can't believe how horrible I was to her in the past. To be honest, besides Auntie Beatrez, she's the best maid. No matter how I lose my temper at her, she never fails to take wonderful care of me or to put up with me. She does her chores really well and there'd be no reason for me to hate her now since I believe that she's not the one taking my money. I really feel so sorry now. :( & I'm alr starting to miss her. Wish I hadn't been so bad to her. I feel so guilty now.

This new maid, she's alright luh, but she lies about everything. Asked her if she mopped the floor- yes, but it feels gross. Asked her if she vacuumed- yes, but you can still see strands of hair around. Hai, I want Kak back :(

But ohwell, she's back to marry her boyfriend, so I guess she'll be really really happy over there :) I bought her the mat! Hope she uses it :)

School's alright. But it's getting so dry. =/

Feeling very down now :(

<3, YIHUI.

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