2008-09-26, 9:10 p.m.

Omg it's eoys on Monday!! AHHHH, English Paper I & Geog paper. Omg, I suddenly feel the stress piling on me. But I'm not that bad. At least I have ALL my maps memorised, Transport & Communications done, Land Supply done, Settlements done, Water Resources done. So I'm officially only left with Pollution to REVISE :)

Think I'll go to Stnicks to mug tmr. ALOT OF DISTRACTIONS AT HOME! Hahahaha :)

Can't believe I haven't done any work today except for those pathetic Math sums I did in school with Swee today. Rahhh, hahaha :)

Had recess & lunch with them today! So fun :)
Then had lunch with Girl they all yday :) went to Sherms house to revise history after that. Lol :)

OH, I WENT TO JACQ'S HOUSE YDAY! Was sitting outside, at the corridor. Next time cannot be so rude sia, have to go get fruit basket or something for the Mummy, hahahaha :) & we were talking about lots of stuff. Can click with her pretty well, maybe cus we're similar. Like, people think we're bitchy, lian, proud, arrogant, annoying. Aiyo somewhere on that track. BUT IT'S OKAY JACQ, WE KNOW WE'RE NOT. & c'mon, those people just say it cus they have to say it out. But they're pretty cowardly though, they can only write all these out on blogs. I think it'd be really much cooler if they came to us and said "I think you're such a bitch." Haha! Now that'd be cool!
Was talking about Shaoxuan & Mok yday also! LOL :D damn funny. Then don't know what she told her today, she saw me & she was like "Eh! What did you tell her yesterday!!" Hahaha! xDxD

OKAY I HAVE TO STUDY AFTER WATCHING ERJUN'S EPISODE! Think they're getting really desperate xD but whatever, I love them <3


Yihui <3

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