2009-10-17, 12:25 a.m.

Woah. Today has got to be one of the most tiring days :/ & I'm going out tmr again. Hopefully can go bowl with daddy tmr. Have an urge to after seeing Maan's msg. Hahah :D

Okay. A short update [I hope] on what has been happening from Tuesday to Friday [Today] :

Tuesday- Went out with Sherms & Cheok after lit paper ended :D Went to kbox first! Had fun and then we headed to PS where we met Nicole, Qixuan and Shiying (: bought the jigsaws & then I headed to Swee's house. Missed the stop & got lost. Felt lost and then cabbed to her house after calling her. Hahah :D obviously she paid :P then sleepover :D

Wednesday- Woke up at 9plus after sleeping at 2plus cus Yvette was omg, so noisy -.- got up, had breakfast, headed to Cine for kbox. Wasn't so high, they didn't really wanna sing ._. I thought it was rather a waste of time.. o.o then.. Went to walk. Tried to find white ballroom heels ._. & find flats for Yvette cus her feet were dying. Hahaha, managed neither but bought Amos cookies :D OH, we met Mrs Tan Siew Kim there! Swee & I were damn freaked out. LOL. Saw her in body shop & I was like "Omg, lets go lets go." Hahahah! Went home after that.. OH NO. NO NO NO. I went home! Yeah yeah! I didn't sleepover last night & the night before! Yep, came home to sleep.

Thursday- Went to school at 9 when I was supposed to wake up at 6. But I slept at 3, so I couldn't drag myself up :/ otherwise I could've gone to go support our second elec girls ): well anw, I woke up at 945, thinking that I was gonna be late cus Swee's mum was sending her to Orchard at 10 & then to Father Barre to pass me my puzzle. But it turns out that she only sent Swee to Orchard at a quarter to 11 & Swee didn't bother telling me, so I ended up getting the puzzle at like.. A quarter past 11? Wrote my msg, left it with the security guard cus Kerrui couldn't get it. Went to Amk station with Nicole after that :D Met up with Bever & Jinny, went to CHINATOWNNNN! OMG, I TOOK THE CIRCLE LINE FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH THEM! The platform freaking looks like Changi Airport please. Hahahhaa! Then yeah, ate the korean food which was nice! :D Went to Nicole's house after that to borrow a shirt to enter Vivo's arcade. LOL. Went there to ddr. Then I saw Para Para. So I played both. Nicole too & omg, both of us ended up with muscle aches today. Hahahahha! Arms & legs, omg so painful >< but yday's ddr was damn fun! It was like our standard! Cus we knew how to control that machine! Whewwwww (: so much better than the one I played with Cheryl & Swee. Hahhaha :D After that.. Oh, went to Swee's house for dinner ._. Came home after that. To sleep.

Todayyyyyy- Couldn't wake up at all. I got up at 6:35. I usually get up at 6:25 or 6:30, but omg, today just couldn't. Was running slightly late, got to class in time.. Then games carnival. This year's was damn stupid. But whatever, for the sake of my one point, I don't care :D Maybe it was my team, but aiyaaaaa whatever. Hahahha :D Maan was superman fierce on the court please. Wahlau, she was like so much better than me! & I used to be a netballer! ): I felt so sad. Hahhaha ._.
Then came home after practising Supergirl for half an hour in the toilet next to Mpr2. Hahaha! Had chicken rice at 3, finished my lunch at a quarter to 4, waited for 20 mins before bathing, showered till half past 4, got ready, got out of the house. Met up with them at bus interchange & I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I'M ALWAYS THE LAST! ._. Even if I'm early, I'M STILL THE LAST T.T
Well yeah, then.. Bussssssed to Night Safari straight. Took loads of pictures with the Halloween characters :) loves. Hahah! Will upload to fb tmr, probably. Then.. Nicole was so scared she cried ): I was so freaked out. Hahahha! Hope she's fine now :)))))

Tmr- Lunch with the china people again. Hopefully I can go bowl with daddddy after lunch :D pray that we don't have to stay. Hehhhh :D ohwell.

I am so goddamn tired. Really don't understand how Sapph tahans going out everyday ._. Just doing it for four days is killing me ._. I'm seriously drained. I'm never going out on games carnival day again. You'll die of fatigue -.-

AHHHH. Waiting for hair to dry. I showered again after I came home cus IT WAS SO DAMN HOT THERE. Sweat like crap. So decided to bathe again. OOOH, & Justin gave us a discount! :D Awesome crap. My b&j was supposed to cost me $4.90, but after discount it was $3.20 :D Yayyy :D Supper with Belle belle & Sherms after reaching our stop at tau huay shop. OMG, I MERLIONED. LOL. Hilarious man. I'm so sorry, Belle & Sherms! Even I thought it looked really gross >< Sorry!

Kay, I'm going off soon I think. Wanna piece my jigsaw. The corners. Hahaha :)

Yihui <3

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