2009-11-02, 7:44 p.m.

I'm finally posting after saying I'd post on Friday, lol. But I was way tired when I got back, so I didn't. Saturday & Sunday were.. Packed with watching videos xD So I didn't post too. & well, I just thought I had to today :)

Miss P, our darling form teacher of 3P, announced to us that she'd be leaving when term ended. She won't be with us all the way till O levels. & I don't know, when I heard that, I just broke down on the spot >< I cried and cried. Couldn't stop, & I didn't know or understand why. Miss P said it was an initial feeling you get when you hear a departure, & now I get it. After thinking much these few days, maybe it is better for her to leave. I mean, if that's what makes her happy, it should be enough for us. I wouldn't want her hanging around Stnicks, feeling grieved cus she can't do anything about it when she sees us getting stressed out. I think I've really thought it out. I probably wouldn't feel sad anymore :) I'll just wanna wish her all the best and hopefully she finds joy in whatever she does in future.

To me, Miss P has been an essential element in my 2009 year. It's like how Sungmin feels toward Leeteuk; he may not confide in him, but Leeteuk's presence itself is a source of strength and courage. It's exactly how I feel towards Miss P. I definitely benefitted from her teachings and I feel the way she does- Extremely honoured that I got to have her as my ft for a year. She supports people in a very special way. It's passive yet loud at the same time. It's as if while half of her is yelling "Hang in there!" to you, the other half is silently praying for your success. That's the kind of strength she gives me. Totally wonderful, I can't describe exactly. I can't thank her enough as well, for her constant encouragement and reminders. Hahaha, she's been such a dear :) & it's so unbelievable that I'm typing this. I thought I'd be typing what the rest of my classmates typed- "A class without a ft is like a child without his mother." etc. But oh well, I've probably gotten past that stage. Though I have to admit, it hit me hard the first time, lol >< & it was nice to know that the only thing that made Miss P hesitate was us :) That was really sweet. Hahahaha :D

I just hope my classmates won't give our ft next year a hard time.. >< it's difficult to accept anyone else as a ft other than Miss P.. Hahaha :/

Yay, reflection's time over! Time to watch videos again xD Sleeping at 9 tonight! Should be sleeping earlier though :P shhh :D

Muchloves to Miss P, thank you for all your contributions and I'll definitely remember you for life ^^

Yihui <3

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