2010-01-26, 6:31 p.m.

It's only Tuesday, but I feel so tired. Maybe it's cus invest was today. Yes, someone please snap me out of self-denial.

I crieddd when I saw Heechul cry just now :/ & Kyu changed the Shining Star's lyrics. He changed it to 'Hankyung is' instead of 'You are'. How sweet ): Really wish Hankyung can come for the KL SS2. Sigh >< Nothing's just going right.

My family's screwed up. My parents aren't getting an official divorce, but my mum's moving back to Malaysia. Until dono when? She said she wouldn't be coming back for cny too. Why did it become like that. Sigh, wonder how long more I can keep this up for in school. I think it's slowly draining my energy away without me realising. Every bit of me is being seeped out by this misery I feel. & fine, so Lihmaan won't talk to me now, cus of I-have-no-idea reasons. Ugh my headache's irritating me. There's noone for me to talk to, so I'll swallow it by myself, I guess. After all, I gotta learn to grow up. Just wondering how long I can keep this up for before my classmates find out. Just last week, Veron and Jinny smsed me to ask if I was alright. Haha, such sensitive people. Why am I not like them ): detecting the slightest abnormality. Sigh.

Discursive essay to finish, & I'm absolutely not sleeping if I don't get it done. The experience yday with Mrs Tian was scary enough ._.

Probably finish up Metals notes tmr morning, memorise by tmr (?) Doesn't seem like much anw, the extraction looks more tiring ._.

Gonna have dinner, then start on essay. Lalala, muchlovesss.


P.S. Zoey came back for invest today! Missed her :) Asking her for her opinion on going overseas now. Then I have to see which scholarship I want. Hahaha :D Oh well. Plenty of time to decide. Told her if nothing holds me back by the time June or July comes, I'll start to make arrangements for next year alr. Lets see, January is only ending :)

& I'm really missing you. Shit you.

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