2010-06-11, 2:16 p.m.

Oh my god. My eyes can hardly open. Freak ._. I didn't sleep a wink yday. Managed to finish all 4 prelim summaries, thank god. I did it straight for 3 hours. Even I was amazed at myself.

Yday's chalet was hilarious! Joel came and helped us set up fire etc. Then he started becoming really niang about everything and we were teasing him. & he's veryyyy sweet. He greeted me this morning via sms. Hahaha I was quite surprised. But yeah anw, he helped tons. Many thanks to him!

& then it was ladies' time in the night. Omg so funny. Gambling den A and gambling den B on the other bed. Seriously funny. My mind's kinda in a blank now cus it's totally drained from yday so I can't exactly recall what happen. But I remember staying at the beach for one half hours today thinking about what I've done for Maan as we talked via sms. We talked for two hours! About crap! :D It's been ages, really ages, since we could talk like that. It made me miss the old times even more :) She finally, finally told me what was going on with her. & more about her medication etc. I called her yday during the chalet to get to know how she was doing. She sounded fine but I know she wasn't. & yes, I know everyday is a living hell, but lets pull through it together k?

& yday, we cycled 2 hours non-stop. I think we managed to cover 3/4 of Ecp. Tiring shit. & sigh, I dono what else to say besides the fact that Joel is a superman nice person and I think he's too nice to bully alr :/ Sometimes even I'll be rude to him >< sian I keep forgetting to draw the line between friendly and respect. Okay I'll continue trying!

BIO, NOW! I'm so motivated now cus I saw Kim saying on her wall that she's starting work now. So, okay, BIO. NOWNOWNOW.

Yihui <3

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