2010-11-11, 1:22 a.m.

Wow it's this late alr? Didn't notice at all. Tmr's an entire day of mcqs. & gotta revise my organic chem, reactivity table, periodic table.

Watching coffee prince & hana yori dango reminded me again how simple love can be. How pure two souls can get. How a connection between two hearts will result in something beautiful. I guess love is only beautiful when it's with the one you love. Seeing my parents quarrel like that, I really doubt marriage now. I mean, there isn't love between them anymore and what keeps their marriage going is us but still. I used to think if they got a divorce, I'd tell the judge I want to live in an orphanage. I still hold by what I said. It's not cus I love them both, it's probably cus I dislike both of them equally. I think about how my dad lashed out at me in the plane last year and I boil. I think about how my mum brushed my high fever aside last year and only wanted me to board the plane and I get really sad. I guess not seeing parents often may be a good thing too; there won't be too many chances for conflicts.

Again they're quarrelling over money. It's honestly not like we're struggling to pay our bills. They just have issues. Adults.

Just realised I'm gonna graduate this year. I am growing up huh.. Sapph'll be 23 next year. Oh my goodness. I remember I used to think to myself how huge the gap between us was. When I'm 20 she'll be 26. When I'm 24, she'll be 30. But I remember my dad once said the gap between us will get smaller when we both reach adulthood. I supposed it's true in a way, lol.

If my parents will stop fighting, I wouldn't mind not going overseas in December. Spending a peaceful December in Sg sounds like a pretty good idea as well?

If they don't patch up, Christmas's gonna be a depressing one. Cny next year will be screwed too :/ ugh.

Okay I want to sleep, even though I don't think I'll fall asleep until awhile later.

Yihui <3

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