2007-06-07, 4:57 p.m.

I'm posting from malaysia this time. bwahahaha. it's expensive! no way. -.- right I'm being idiotic.
having frequent stomach aches nowadays. I think it's indigestion. and that's baddddd. >< my mum seems nonchalent about it. sighhhhs. anyways, I wonder how's singapore. I wanna go back dammit.! the mosquitoes and flies here are unbearable. you see flies everywhere. especially the factory. eeeeeeu it's disgusting. super gross. it's really really so many flies. yuckss. I WANT SINGAPORE. T.T
for some reason tianyong seems to have given up on elisa. he said something that pissed me off the other day and I changed my personal message because of that. but then now if you want me to recall what exactly happened the other day, I can't really remember too. only remembered he said something that pissed me off. lol. maybe forgetting those unhappy stuff is one of my good points; I don't get restrained cus of painful memories. (: I love that part of myself. tianyong said I'm similar to elisa in that way. I HUHED at him. I find elisa so different from myself. she's just somehow different. it's weird but I find her a more successful person. in life, that is. :D
forgetting unwanted memories's one of my good points, but sometimes I can't forget those that I really want to forget. it's annoying me. lol. I'm always getting annoyed. wahahaha. the other time in the canteen, I forgot when was it too; I think it was in april. if not it was in may. but well anyway, I think I was tickling ashley, haha, and then ashley hid behind her. and she said something like 'don't bully my gong.' I said something like "dots....." in my head, but I said aloud, 'next time don't get me to help you again ar.' and she actually said 'oh, I don't need your help le, so nvm.' I forgot if she said thanks, but I couldn't believe elisa was such an ungrateful brat. she irritated me that very day and my opinion of her also changed that very day.
I'd always thought elisa was a very nice and cheerful girl. she was very thoughtful, very caring, helpful in fact, if she could manage it, and she was always laughing. well, those qualities I mentioned could only be implemented if she, first of all, NOTICED you. then yes, those qualities would be perfect. but her biggest weakness I guess, is how oblivious she is to her surroundings. she only notices and acknowledges those whom she thinks are important to her. ashley, rasey, alex etc. otherwise, I don't know if she really doesn't know, or she's just turning a blind eye to it. but I think that's why tianyong fell for her at first. haha.
right let's change the subject. I'm getting tired of talking about elisa, elisa, and elisa. I hear that from tianyong all the time. well, at least, LAST time. 0.o
I'm bored here. done with my work. nothing to do le. aunt told me to rest. bwahahaha. love it. the work was really tedious. I see the calculator see until I scared le. -.- and the digits. had to write down 3 times on separate papers. one time on the book, one time on the informal slip, and one last time on the formal slip, for them to sign. wish I had never came to volunteer myself to work. >< but I think that's the problem with me. I do something willingly, and then soon after, I regret what I did. it's a bad habit. honestly, guess I should change it.
SCHOOL'S OPENING IN ANOTHER 2 WEEKS. T.T time is passing so so so fast. can't even catch it. I don't even think time has time to gasp for breath. I do hope time would pass slower. then the time for me to think about stuff would be longer too. ><

haha I really love diaryland. it just makes me feel so much better. I can't tell an adult about this; it's so.. 'dots'. I can't tell my sis about it too; she wouldn't even wanna listen to it. furthermore, she has her own problems. education and everything. and now she has her own boyfriend. -.- so I guess we can't be like the past. I used to tell her everything, if I didn't remember wrongly. talking to her was always such a comfort I couldn't forget. now I don't think we can go back to those times. that was great, I'll never forget it.
woah, this has been a long entry. guess I'll sign off now. (:
looks much like a compo to me. haha.

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