2007-06-10, 12:06 a.m.

it's 12.06 a.m. and I can't get to sleep. waiting for supper's one thing, thinking about tianyong's blog is another.
he said he had alr given up on elisa, but it's clear now that he has not. well, at least, it was pretty obvious that he haven't gotten over her. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. but I was wondering how he was able to keep it beneath his feelings and keep that jovial face and tone of his. talking to him lightens one's spirits up, that's for sure. it's brilliant talking to people like tianyong, delfina, ashley and other people. you just forget everything. but not for long.
normally, if a person comes to me and asks for a solution, I would have racked my brains and give him/her a possible one. but perhaps because this is tianyong this time, the way I'm handling it is a little different. maybe because this time it's him, I'm gonna shut up and see how he handles it. it's an experience for me too. specific details will not be given because it's clearly private, but I can disclose some other stuff - which I will not publish here. lol. =x
I think I feel a little sorry for tianyong. cus' I understand how it feels to love and not be loved. and not only that, the party whom you love may fall for other people. and that the party whom you love does not show any feelings for you. maybe that sucks, but I know if it's tianyong, even if it takes 2 years this time, he's gonna get over it. don't ask me why or how, cus' it's just a hunch.
it's 1.05 now. and I can't get to sleep. I bet I'll be thinking about this the whole time on the plane tmr. I'll see how things goes.
Shall come back and report after my trip! so stay tuned.! =D
takkaire peeps! (If there's anyone reading.)

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