2007-06-18, 10:15 a.m.


australia this time for me wasn't pretty bad. everything was alright, except for the rain. it was raining nearly everyday, and that probably spoilt everything. serene told us when we were leaving for sydney, the weather forecase reported that it was sunny. but when we were there for that 3 days, it was either raining or drizzling. horrible. ><
when we arrived in melbourne at 4am, it was soooo dark outside. and it was soooo cold. your mouth would have 'smoked' when you talked. pretty cool, but seen that many times, so not that fascinating after all.
we arrived there in the early morning, before daybreak, miss lau the tour guide told us that day was a friggin' public holiday. it was the queen's birthday, and therefore they concluded it as a public holiday. which also means that everywhere you went was close, or opened later. it was stupid honestly. I mean, why make us go there when it's a public holiday?! waste one day. and it was raining, or rather drizzling, so not much could be done too. in the end, they arranged us to go to the hotel. -.-
that's another thing. on the itenarary they stated that they'd check us into the Mercure - which was a 4 or a 4 and a half star hotel. but instead they checked us into this hotel called 'Welcome', which was a 3 and a half rated hotel. but the thing is, Welcome and Mercure were in the same building, and they used 'Mercure' for the building's name, so until you go in, you won't know that Welcome is inside Mercure. so sian man. 3 and a half. the room sucked. honestly.
that night we went for dinner, and at our table sat a very, super, damn funny lady. she cute daooooo.. wah super cute la. when miss lau came to ask if we were used to the food and rice, we all said 'yup. not bad.' then she said 'oh that's good. cus some people thinks australian's rice are harder than singapore rice.' then that auntie wing said 'those people want to chi ruan fan.' wah I laugh until seh mann. damn funny la. then when we were going to leave she said 'ok last person clear up the dishes ar.' she was soooo cute. and she was the typical singaporean - loves to complain about this, about that, basically finding some stuff to let her mouth exercise. but she was still so cute! =DD
went back to the hotel to sleep until the next day. the breakfast was horrible. except for the juice, everything else sucked. it was breakfast buffet, but there was only 4 dishes for you to choose from. hashbrown, baked beans, scrambled eggs, bacon. I think there was one more but I can't remember what was it. well then that's it. and you call it a breakfast buffet. -.- and after eating the scrambled egg, hashbrown, bacon and baked beans, I had a stomach upset. I think I'm allergic to eggs. still not sure yet, but I'm abstaining from it. and I probably have indigestion problems. I mean, severe indigestion. there was once when I was sent to the clinic by my form teacher to have a jab to stop the vomiting. it was horrible. eeu. okaye next to where we went for the second day.
oh I loved the second day! it was probably the best day of the whole trip! it was totally brilliant. we went to a farm in the morning. learn how it works and all. then we got to feed the goats milk. oh and they were so hungry they were practically tugging at the milk bottle! then we got to squeeze the cow's udders. but I didn't go squeeze it cus I was feeling nauseous that morning, so didn't want to risk it. it's a sad thing, but later activities made up for it! (:
after milking the cow, chris the farmer drove us around the farm and stopped at certain places. I think we next went to see the sheep and met the sheepdogs. the trainer there explained to us how it works and so on and it was fabulous. and would you believe it, that trainer was a GIRL. in fact, my dad asked chris and he said all the 'workers' here are GIRLS except for him. he was the only guy working in that farm. would you believe it? I bet women in singapore wouldn't even dare to touch a cow! and you'd get all muddy from chasing them around, feeding them, cleaning them etc. I can't imagine girls doing all that.
well yeah anyway, I managed to get a picture of the trainer and that 2 sheepdogs. it was marvellous. will post it on friendster I guess. (:
then we went to see wombats and kangaroos! oh it's been an awfully long time since I saw such cute kangaroos! we got to feed them and stuff. it was just wonderful. and the good thing was I didn't feel nauseous anymore, so my spirits naturally lifted up. ^^
and then we went for lunch at the farm. western meal as usual. it was pretty well done I must say. then after the farm.. OH WE WENT TO SEE "A MAZE N' STUFF" AND IT WAS EXACTLY LIKE SINGAPORE'S SCIENCE CENTRE. JUST THAT, IT WAS MUCH MORE WONDERFUL.! you've got all the science stuff there la. there was a room they defied gravity, so you walk up feeling nauseous, dizzy and stuff. then you see all the cool cool thing. then 'A Maze n' Stuff'. so there was a maze. a well-done maze. I loved it. singapore could have done that too, if it had enough land. -.-
oh then after that!! PHILIP ISLAND! man it was marvellous. the penguins, which were less than 50cm long, had to walk back home in the dark after getting their food. the way they walked were so adorable! and if it wasn't for the white on their body, we couldn't even see them. the way they walked.. it was lovely. just wonderful the way mother nature created them. sighh wished I could go back to visit them another time. after philip island we went back to the hotel. that night was unforgettable.
this was the last day in melbourne. we went to this strawberry farm where they grew, handpicked strawberries to make ice creams, drinks, liquors and many others. it was wonderful. the strawberry was absolutely fresh since it came directly from the farm.
and then after the strawberry farm, we went to the 'flowers' farm. there were mazes there as well. it's called 'Ashcombe Maze' and you must look out for the rose maze with over 1200 varieties of roses. there was also a lavender garden, where they showed you how lavender oil was distilled etc.
altogether, I found it a very nourishing experience and I hope to go to somewhere else like this too. the next post will be about sydney since I can't post them all at once; it's too lengthy.
alright until next time then!
^signs off^

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