2007-08-30, 7:14 p.m.

Hellohellohello! ;D
I haven't been on for such an awfully long time! I kept thinking how could I be away for so long! Gosh, just imagine it! )"
Anyway! Plenty to report about! So read carefully!
I did pretty well for term 3 I guess. Was quite satisfied with my results. (: Wonder if daddy will be the same though. Cus I failed his favourite sub- Maths. SUcks man. From an A2 to a D7. Man, do I rock or what? =P
Then.. Mrs sng's getting worse. She sucks to the core! Like totally. -.- She doesn't give a hoot about us and she tries her very best to do us in. What kind of form teacher is this. -.- But I think she favours me. ^.^ At least she doesn't treat me so badly as the others. My used-to-be friends used to say she favoured me and I disagreed. Now that I think of it, I think it's quite true. xDD
Well, friends. Sigh sucks man. I didn't know Sng ying didn't like me so much. When Cheok said Sng ying didn't like me, I said I knew. In actual fact, I didn't have the faintest idea. I mean, that she hated me and what not. Maybe cus I was such an ass to her. Well, maybe not maybe. It was the fact. I was mean to her. And very in fact. I lectured her and everything. Sucks.
Peishan doesn't like me too. I think. 0.o She keeps saying she's fine with me, but I think it's the total opposite. Like the photo-taking thing. I don't even wanna tell my sis. She's just gonna probably jeer at me or something. My sis is heartless. That's why I hate her. Sometimes. Explain why later. This matter gets first priority. (: For now.
Anyway, going back to the topic. Really grateful to cheok. She's always so nice to me. Haha. But sometimes I'm damn ass to her also. Cus I can get quite annoyed by her oh-so-drama ways that I just get pissed with her. -.- Sometimes she's so dramatic, but I think she's better now. Much. ;D Thanks cheok! <3!
Ashley doesn't help much. She doesn't really talk to me and stuff. But she comes 'crying' to me when it's gotta do with Sherylynn. Maybe because I sit with Sherylynn, but I'm getting quite fed-up with Ashley to. She comes because of Sherylynn. How she's daoing her and stuff. Don't talk to her; treat her as if she's transparent and crap. Honestly, what does she treat me as? A mailbox where she can just sms any moment to inform me of her happenings? Thanks but, no thanks. -.- I plead temporary 'insanity'.
At least LD works. (: looking forward to it every tuesday or thursday now! Looking forward to seeing the studious Swee En, hilarious Marie, reliable Cheryl and the super retarded Yvette! <3 them!
Oh yeah, I'm doing CIP work! (: Forgot to mention. Hmm, let's see. I'm doing monday with Shermaine. I do hope I do tuesday with Ner; then I won't have to go back on Wednesday. (: Makes things easier, don't you agree? ;D
CIP MAN! 6hours! Except for that compulsory time where every class had to go to a home, I didn't clock any other CIP hours. So I only have 2 and a half. Pathetic, eh? Mag's alr clocked 19h. Rawr. =X
And mag sucks. Hope everyone knows that. She sucks to the ends of the Earth! A pathetic loser. Cheok was pissed with her today too. 3 cheers for you cheok! Haha! Keep it from mag though. =X
Well, I guess that's it! I mean, recent happenings. ;D OH YES ONE MORE THING. Sitting with Chermin's fun! She's cute, lively, everything that I can think of now! Of cus, I still miss sitting with Cheokster clique, but I doubt that they miss me that side. Hahaha. So I guess I shall just be satisfied sitting with Chermin. She rocks! 3 cheers to Chermin too! We laugh at the lamest things! Hahaha!
Sherylynn's not too good sometimes though. Even Chermin agrees with me. In the morning, she behaves as if she's taken explosive substances. Her temper's so fiery! She just snaps at you if you so much ask for a pencil or pen or marker or whatever you can ask for in the morning. Wonder what's her problem in the morning. And she doesn't give face. She just snaps or yell at you. I couldn't stand it today and I retaliated and she was silent for a few moments. Good, I thought. Maybe I woke her up a little. Chermin didn't dare to say anything, so I did. Guess I'm always the villaina. ;D to Sng ying and peishan too.
Oh and, sorry Sng ying and Peishan. )" For the harsh and sacarstic remarks I used to make, sorry. ><
And my sis, I said I was gonna explain. I nearly forgot. I sincerely apologise. LOL. Ring a bell? =P Anyway, sis sucks. Cus of her bf and everything. I wish we could return to the past. I simply can't accept the way she is now. Such a bitch? A bitch for a sis? Definitely not me. Well, I guess that's all! The next post's gonna be about the second half of the trip in Australia. Awfully late, yes I know, but give me a chance to wrap it up! I'm late for 3 months alr. Gosh! How time flies! In no time I'm gonna be a Sec.2. Golly, feels grand! Looking forward to it as well!
That's all for now! <3!

Cheers. (((:

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