2007-09-21, 10:01 p.m.

Today. Was. COOL. As MrWheelon calls it.
Damn fun today. ((:
After school, Ner, Shermaine, Beatrice and I arranged to go play badminton. Beatrice would be late cus' of her music project. I personally feel that it's nothing to fuss about, but since she insists-
Well, anyway. She came at around 3.30-3.45. By that time, the 3 of us started playing le.
Then whole time we just kept alternating. Quite fun.
You know it was like. I mean, the courts were in a multi-purpose hall, so there was a stage. Then I was standing in the court, but Beatrice kept hitting it into the stage. -.- It was like. IRRITATING. LOL. But play with her really sweat alot. Cus' you have to keep smashing to keep up with Beatrice. Lol. <3 it! Thanks beat!
Then at around 5.45, everybody handpain le, so we sat on the stage and started playing truth or dare. Then got sian of it. So played Cheraids. OMG IT WAS DAMN FUNNY. <3ed it! It was like, we picked movie and drama serials as the theme, then Ner and I were doing cheaper by the dozen, AND SHERMAINE&BEATRICE COULDN'T GUESS IT. DAMN FUNNY. LOL!
Okaye, then after that was tuition! Yays! <3 tuitions with rosyrosy~ She rocks. 3 cheers for her!
Anyway, we were supposed to do photosynthesis and stuff. AND. We did that for the first hour. Then started waiting for pizza to come, so we talked about sex first. CUS. Lemme tell you why.
This girl called Tingting in my class likes this guy called Douglas. And she shows it damn obviously. So we chased her and Shiying out of the room, and talked to Douglas(including rosy~). He's so dense, he didn't even know she liked him. -.- SO DUMB. Gosh. !!
Then, started talking about sex. Omg damn cool. I was so fascinated. (: I've so decided I'm gonna drop physics and take bio&chem. WOOT.
Then I went home.
Then I'm doing this. LOL.
I know I'm damn random.
Anyway. I'm gonna start on a new topic.

I've been topping my class for stuff. Not grades. -.- Assignments. I topped for c-lit(assumed, 19.5/20), summary writing and um, oh lit. Well, yeah anyway.
When MRwheelon said I got a 19 outta 20 and I beat all 3 special classes he took, I didn't feel elated at all. And I really mean AT ALL. -.-
It's like. I kinda reflected. When he announced that, I felt happy. At the very least, proud of myself for this achievement.
But what was the point if there wasn't anyone to share it with?
I know Ashley, Peishan, Sngying and cheok don't like me. That's why I'm staying away from them. Succkkksla.
Cheok said "Many times I wanted to go your house and study. Secretly.."
I thought, if you have to come to my house secretly, I'd rather you not come. I want people to come to my house openly, not in the dark. I find that unnecessary. If you're so scared of them finding out, why come? Just stay at home and study or study with them like a pig then. -.-

WHat else.. HMM.

I think Elisa's lame. She's like, SUper lame. -.-
I keep tickling her and she keeps saying "I must overcome it.. I must overcome it.." THen she'll burst out laughing. It's like. - Retarded.

WE went to jump on the trampeline today! WOOt. Haven't jumped on that for such an awfully long time, I forgot how it felt to be in the air, doing an air-split. Brought back memories. ((:
I suffered so many cuts. -.- DAMN trampeline. I've got abrasions here and there. Rahhh. ANd Elisa that ass, she took up like nearly all the space. She kept on jumping here & there. -.- Then people couldn't jump without NEARLY knocking into her or violating her wrong parts. -.-
Moral of the story: Don't go trampelin-ing with Elisa. Doesn't pay. TTsk.

HMMMMM. WHAT ELSE! Wait I'm trying to recall!

OH yeah! I'm getting my new shuffle today! FINALLY. I mean. It's supposed to be my 2006 prezzie? Make it a christmas prezzie. And it's arriving in mid-september 2007.
Anyway, it's blue & it's supposed to be really hot! Wanna see it soon!
Arigato, onee-channnn! ;D Tsuki da!
I think it was like that. Hmm.

I'm changing my skin! LOL.
Finally. Yeah I know. Don't know what to change to nia. Hehe.
Wait I'm thinking. Don't disturb.

Wanna thank.. Shermaine, Chermin, Samantha, Sherylynn, and Elisa sometimes. YUpp. Thanks. ;D

<3 you guys.

<3 myself too! ;DD

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