2007-09-15, 8:51 p.m.

It's 8.51, and I'm not in Singapore. ((: In the Facial Auntie's house now. Sis doing her FACIAL, and MAKING US all wait for her. -.- She's such an asssssss. =x
And I haven't had dinner. Hungry. ><
I cut my hair! xD I think it's cute. Cus' it's MY HAIR.
Actually right. I'm just crapping. Lol.
I just cut my left frinch a little, so that I don't tie it up with my hair. But I purposely did it with one side only, so that I still can tie the other side. Then, I cut 2 inches. So it's like- shorter now. ;D <3 it!
Today was coool. And irritating.
You know, we left the house after watching I think 3 episodes of Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi, then left for SynMing tower to ask the owner to help us with the video. I'll elaborate about the problem another time, but then after that, we had to go back home, asked my maid to come down and take it from us cus' we didn't wanna leave it in the boot. Later the officer check at custom and tax us for nothing, so we told her to come down and take it from us.
It was like. 2+ alr? So then we made our way to the custom. Then jam like SIAO. AND when I say siao I mean really siao. Jam damn far. Then we jammed for like 1h. At Wodlands only. Then when we got to JB side, it was worse. Jammed for like 1h+ at Malaysia customs. THEN.
When we got to Malaysia, we jammed at like the JB starting point. Like when we just came out from customs, cus' everyone was knocking off. So it was like.. JAM. -.-
Then came here at around 6. So then prepared everything for my sis, then my mum and I went to the salon. Brought the little girl along with us. My mum's and mine costed 18 each, cus we cut and wash. That little girl's costed 6 only. Lol.
Anyway, cut my hair! Shall style it when I grow a little older. ((:
Cheers all today! ;D

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