2007-11-07, 8:31 p.m.

We were supposed to present our performance to the comm, and it was a total failure.

We practised from 12.. ALL THE WAY UNTIL 2+. Then at 2.46, we showed it to the comm, and when the play finished, they were like "finally!". Alright, then they said they couldn't understand the play and didn't understand what the hell we were talking about. Okay fine. Their remarks were so cutting, blahblahblah. Then the level cos started crying- rebecca && boennarti. Then the sec3 eunice said apparently A LOT of us didn't turn up for rehearsals even before hols started. So then tricia said "no, cus some of us didn't receive the msgs." then cathleen shouted to us saying "I'M TALKING ABOUT BEFORE THE HOLS. SOME OF YOU DIDN'T EVEN WANNA COME." blahblahblah, and then she started crying. Okay FINE. Megan was SO not feeling good about, cus she con-joined the entire script and it turned out to be a failure. I saw swee en tearing alr. When the entire thing ended, they said BREAK, for us to do whatever we wanted, then we'd go back to fixing the script. I don't know why, suddenly I CRIED. LOL. I really don't know why. Then I went to wash my face && mok was saying "your crying is contagious." =.= I don't know why, the tears just fell on their own. Maybe it's because I knew we really put in effort, that's why it was so hurting to hear the seniors put it like that. Even when benjamin scolds us, we seriously don't give a shit about it cus we know we're not REALLY serious about it. He wanna scold then scold la, we just one ear in one ear out. Hahaha. His problem. :DD

ANYWAY. Was freakin surprised why I cried. Then I saw the netballers training, so went to look. Then when they had break, angie and sandra was shooting. Then I shouted down "ANGIE!" She looked around, then looked up, then she was like "Yvette?" I WAS LIKE WTF, SHE KEEPS ON FORGETTING MY NAME. T.T SO SAD LA. Then went to look again, then her face was like "aiyo shit, can't remember your name! sorry!" Haha, so it's alright. I FORGIVE YOU. LOLOLOL.

Today was fun! CUs after that, we fixed the script with claire's && gerry's help, and it was HILARIOUS. LOL. So today, overall, was still considered a success. ^^

Oh, and I saw the track girls running! Saw dardar too. (: THEY WERE RUNNING BAREFOOTED. LOL. Okay anyway, CHEERS FOR TODAY! :DD

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