2007-11-17, 6:38 p.m.

hello! (:

we were supposed to celebrate rosy's birthday today at east coast, but she didn't turn up. -.- wasted our time there. okay not totally, but WE STILL MADE A TRIP THERE && SHE DIDN'T COME. rah.
okay yeah so anyway! beatrice, shermaine, lijuan and I went to east coast today. LOL. as I'd mentioned before. well then we rented bicycles but lijuan didn't know how to cycle, so shermaine and her went to play at the beach. so sorry darlings! <33
so beatrice and I cycled like nearly to the end of east coast from the start, and we only had half an hour to go back and return the bikes. we thought the sky looked like it was going to rain, and it did after a while, AND IT WAS A HEAVY DOWNPOUR. -.- beatrice and I were kinda soaked, and the bikes were wet too. might have rusted, who cares about those bikes anyway. -.-
the rain didn't stop completely, but beatrice and I went back and we had only 15mins to make it. so we 'chionged' all the way back, and our legs were black. oh, it was super sandy as well -.- from the tyres and the sand / mud. whatever you call it. so we went to wash. juan && shermaine came too since their legs were dirty after playing at the beach too. so went to wash and ate MACS. -.- of all choices.
okay, so we went to makan at macs, then beatrice bought a meal, shermaine bought a meal, juan da-baoed a meal cus she was rushing off to another place and I bought a burger and a fries. shared the drink with beatrice. :DD thanks beat!
THEN. LOL. juan came in and was like "eh how!! I got lost the moment I got outside!!" so lame la!! HAHA. ohwell. so she ate with us and everything! (: then talked about lame jokes etc.
OH. right. then we had to walk back to the bus stop where we came from and take 76 from there. so we WALKED and TALKED, then reached the bus stop and the bus came soon after. juan took with us too. haha! (:
then after I think what, 15mins? all of us started drifting off to sleep. hahaha. then the way JUAN SLEPT WAS SO FUNNY. I didn't know if she was really sleeping or not, but she was CHANTING. dono chanting what la, just chanting something. then we laughed or something etc, then got down the bus at hub. juan took a cab to rtc for her friend's bday while shermy, beat and I went to the jubilee arcade. played the drums, car racing and the hit-the-mole games there. haha. then we bought popcorn and drink to makan. then beat went to buy grape soda from mos burger or burger king. can't remember. =P
then we walked to hub and played the games at the arcade there too. LOL. we played the air hockey thing, then when I was supposed to play with shermy, I HIT TOO HARD and the thing fell under another machine. so sorry! and beat, I'll pay you that one dollar. hahaha.
so after that we went and claimed food. one crispy and something else. then went to the bus stop. then beat ar. HAIYO SO ROWDY. then she touch people's everywhere one lor. urrghh. LOL. then there was these 2 girls, who cut the queue and stood in front of us with another woman, whom I presume is the mum. then one girl said "chao si ren". when beat told me that I said loudly "at least noisy people are better than people who lack ethics- like cutting queues." then shermy and beat looked at me like I was some freak or something. LOL. okay so fine. bus came and we went on.
then whole time beat and I kept laughing. -.- uncontrollably. then the woman's eyes kept shifting to us. so annoying. I know we're noisy la, but don't have to keep looking at us what. HAIYO.
then beat went down first. =/ so we said byebye. haha. then blahblahblah, walked with sherms and I forgot what we were talking about. LOL. but ohwell.
that's about it for today! (: haha! pity ner didn't come with us. )" then it'd have been more 'complete'. hahaha.

that's all folks! (:

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