2007-12-05, 12:45 a.m.

i think elisa will be back tmr.. hahha.

ohwell, i hope she's having fun at the camp! but seriously everyone does, hahaa. and she was so looking forward to this year's too. xD ohwell!

sigh, i don't know why but i really miss her. )" like really really miss her alot. hahha. one of the reasons why i went to see them train. but when she asked me, why i went to see them train, i couldn't tell her that i missed her and wanted to go and see her also. lol. that'd sound so obsessed. LOL. i'm not really obsessed with her.. i just really miss her alot!
hahha. :DD i sound like a les. HAHAHA. okay rest assured, I AM NOT. i'm damn straight. gosh. lol.

can't wait for next year(: will be able to see her everyday if we're in the same class, though probably not, but at least we can still see each other in school! thank god she came to stnicks. (: i think her sister, alicia, will also be a wonderful gift to our 2008 juniors. :DD

i think i'll go and see them train when she goes back for trng. lol. :D i know i'm very free, yeah. hahhaha. :D elisa's so cute even when she runs. BUT ON FRIDAY AR. that ass. =.=" she ran like nothing. said her whole body aching. gah. but it was alright la, let her off since she attended trng. xD

&& from now onwards, i won't say i love her anymore! hahahha. in smses or emails! cus love doesn't have to be always mentioned, you have to feel it coming within your heart. (: i don't know if she can feel it, but i know i won't say it anymore. hahhaha.

maybe i should just really trust her. hahha. i think she's becoming more and more important in my life now. (: AS A FRIEND, DUH. lol. :DD

hope to see her soon then! (: hope she feels my love and miss for her! )"

&& that she's enjoying her camp. :D

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