2007-12-06, 6:34 p.m.


okay today really sucked. kept thinking that time was passing too quickly and time WAS really passing quickly. it's another 1h to seeing her face later. lol.

elisa's home today. (: really hope she enjoyed her camp! hahhaha. she's just that kind. she really can have fun anywhere. afterall, everything comes from within your heart. (:

wish the classes would come out earlier! gah! want to see if i'm with the drama girls. if i am, then i'm in such shit. =/ grr. and the drama class will be BIG, like maybe 50 over people. =.=" if they include all the ld girls.

i wanna be in the same class as alot of my friends! like min, sherms, sherylynn, sam not really(cus i don't really know her that well), and mostly elisa. )" i really love her company.. so obviously i'd wanna be in the same class as her. she says the same.. but i don't know if she means it.. well i guess the word pretentious could be used here.. she can act what she says.. which is why you won't know is it the truth or not.
personally i feel that whenever she says she loves me, tells me to take care, blahblah, says she wants to be in the same class as me.. i thought it was so fake. i always got the feeling like "HUH? me?" cus i thought she'd rather talk to ashley or something. or alex. but ohwell.. if she's pretentious, then i'll use her everything else to cancel it out, cus i think she's not that only. she's also other other things, like a sport etc. i just think she's really really adorable.
always wanna cuddle her. hahhaha. she's like so nice to cuddle!! LIKE JIAYU. HAHAHA. :DD jiayu's damn nice to hug also! hahhaa.

i don't really know about others, but i'm sure elisa has made a difference in my life. after all, she was the one who came to my house and got me to let go. i mean she didn't 'do it' literally, but because she came, i knew that was what i should have done a long time ago- throwing ashley's card. it hurt, but i still think i was right. (:

gotta go bathe! heading over to the CASTLE later. hahhaha. tuition centre la! :DD


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