2007-12-26, 4:26 p.m.

TIANYONG WAS BEING SUCH A FREAKIN ASS. THANKS TO ELISA LA. fine, whatever. we nearly argued. actually half-arguing alr, then i wanted to give up talking to him; didn't wanna waste my energy talking to an ass like him.

right.. shasha left today for uncle kc's house.. then yesterday we were watching YYSJY till 4!! with isaac! in the balcony, sitting and squating. LOL. then sapph walked in and said "wah you all like damn ke lian liddat." then we laughed. then we were like on the last episode. omg la, so funny. LOL.
then previous night, we also watched until 3+, 4. hahaha. :D:D she loved YYSJY too! yay to that, i just found another fan. xD

went for dinner yesterday night at forum galleria with kampo and her family. yvonne and william was back. yvonne looks so old now! 23. tsktsk. olddddddd. william's 18. yeah. younger than sapph by 1 year. it was an EXPENSIVE dinner. =.=" everyone had to dress up. i wore my black sleevelesss with the black skirt with heels. shasha wore this white top that was rather nice with tights and heels. lol. kuku wore sapph's clothes. OMG SO CUTE LA. LOL.
oh! and i wore my new necklace i bought at 77th street the other day! xDD niceeeee. =P
well yep, that dinner made up for that entire day of christmas. LOL.
and i think i was so lucky. =.=" didn't bump into tianyong yesterday. appearently he was also at orchard. lol. ohwell. not meant to be. xD

tuition tmr.. hope rosy has something good for us. xDD

should i go run later? 0.o shall see how it goes. xD

and ELISA CALLED ME JUST NOWWWWW. (: so happy. hahaha. i dono why; i just love talking to her. (: she really makes my day with just a phone call.
then that idiotic tianyong had to go spoil it. GRR.
anyway, we talked for about 2-3h in total. hahaha. (: happyhappy. can't wait to see her tmr. ^^

that's all for now folks!

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