2007-12-28, 1:34 a.m.

wheee. hi everyone. :D

this'll be a rather long post.. gonna say what i felt at the christmas dinner with yvonne and family on 25th..

when i first saw yvonne when they came in, i thought she looked awesome. not in the sense that she was pretty and everything, but she was just.. wow. or woah. whatever.
basically, she was different from what i saw 2 years ago at her birthday party. maybe it's because of the fact that she's studying medicine, but i think that's gonna be my inspiration from now onwards. i mean, i saw her, and instantly i knew deep in my heart that i wanted to be like her when i was 23. weiguang sat next to dad too, so i could hear what they were talking about.
he said he'll probably try for medicine after army. dad was like wow, medicine? that's great.. that's great..
yeah- dad's reaction.
on that night or that following morning, i asked one question which i forgot, and he said "secretly in every parent's heart, they all want their children to be doctors. i mean, it's a noble profession, and furthermore, yvonne's and weiguang's parents are doctors themselves. kampo's a nurse, but it's still considered a noble profession." kaogong's a specialist, so he's really really awesome. yvonne's planning to be like him i guess, and i plan to be like yvonne. i think her parents sponsored her to go to uk. i mean, she doesn't even need a scholarship. -.-" her family's loaded. the same goes for william. if he really wants to take medicine, they'll probably send him there as well.
but if i want to do medicine in future, i'll probably have to depend on a scholarship or something, since my parents can't afford to send me there. WELL.. they probably could. lol. but i'll feel bad. i mean, we're not really well-off, though we're doing abit more on the well side. i really don't know what i wanna do in future, but at least for now, i know i want at least top grades. at least an A for everything, like shasha. but i don't know why, she wasn't so much of an inspiration to me. more than what i don't get, it was yvonne that inspired me.
i'm gonna really work hard next year. really really. and i don't want to let my mum down. she really spent lots of effort and time on me. so did my dad. i don't want to repay them like how sapph did more than anything. i'm not saying what sapph's doing isn't good, i'm just saying i wanna do better than that.
from the past till now, sapph has always outshined me in everything. for 2008, i'm gonna show her that i can do better than her as well. i swear.

lastly, i wanna thank my dad for semi-forcing me to go for that dinner on christmas. if it wasn't for him, i probably wouldn't be that determined now.

thanks dad. you're always awesome. (: but i hope i'll be able to scrape through next year with top grades.. afterall, i've never done it before. well i guess i just have to put in extra effort, that's all. =/

goodnight everyone, i need to read village by the sea. haha. (: it's my first step to my goal. then i'm going to start on physics tmr. pls wish me luck, and for all those who know me, i hope you'll be nice enough to drop me a word of encouragement when i'm on the verge of giving up.

goodnight all.

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