2007-12-30, 6:19 p.m.

hi everyone.

2 more days to school.. 2 more days to an entire new- me. i thought about it for the past few days, and i think i'm really gonna be really determined to do well next year. i'm gonna work hard, play hard when it's hols, but otherwise it's workworkwork all year. i think i'm gonna love next year more than this year. :D new jrs, new FT, new friends, friends that haven't been in the same class as me for ages and many many others. can't wait for wednesday to come. (:

see if sis free tmr.. probably go shopping for cny. :D red clothes! yucks, but ohwell, it's for cny. -.- grandma and aunt coming later cus we have a concert to go to tmr. =/ ohwell. hope i won't be bored inside.

was talking to my dear daph just now. (: she's my loveliest granddaughter! hahhaa! love her so much! (: i mean, she ordered alvin and the chipmunks dvd for me just because i said i wanted it. -.- and she has never seen me before, doesn't know me face to face. i can imagine how nice she is. and to those who thinks that it's just a deception, i trust my intuition- she's a really nice girl. [:
we talked about what we'll do when school reopens in the coming year. etcetc. then i asked her what do you do when it's school? cus she comes on nearly everyday when it's hols. hahaha. so i asked her what she did when it was termtime. she said "mug?" i asked her "you mug for the entire day?" then she was like yeah. i was like huh? then she explained:

monday&thursday: netball trng.
wednesday&friday: tuition.
tues: kinda mugging day.

well if i'm gonna be somewhat like her.. it'll be something like that.. :

tuesday&thursday: eldds. :D
thursday: extra packed- eldds+tuition.
monday&wednesday&friday: free.

so i guess i'm gonna really mug on monday, wednesday and friday. (: tuesday i'll mug when i get home. but i think i'll do my science tuition homework on tuesday also. (: i have cca plus tuition on thursday.. so i had no idea how to do my schoolwork that's given out on thursday and due on friday.. until daphne mentioned that she can mug overnight, then going to school that way. -.- so just 2 packs of tea / coffee will help her. i guess one pack is enough for me on thursday to finish my work that's due on friday! (:

i wanna achieve good results next year badly is due partly to my parents as well. i wanna repay them for all they've done for me for the past couple of school years. buying our uniforms, books, clothes, food. bring us out, holidays etc. you might think that all those are what they should obviously do, as a parent, but NO. NO, NO, NO. they DON'T have to do all those shit for you. but they do it for me, so i feel kinda indebted to them. of course i'll be indebted to them for as long as i live and after i live, haha, but yeah. i just wanna do something to make them proud of me, to make them smile. =/ hence my plan.
apple (daphne) just helped me with my planning.. thanks awfully to her.. then err.. next year.. this'll be how things probably go..

monday, wednesday, friday- if i have nothing on, i'll study in the library or classroom or canteen (whatever) until my maid finishes vacuuming the house and mopping the floor.

tuesday.. probably have lunch with yvette, cheryl and swee en, so won't have any work done during lunch.. then ld.. then go home can do work le. (:

thursday is the worst. i'll probably have to stay up until like.. 11+.. =/

but it's okay! i'll bear with it! i'll have to ban myself from comp also. lol. i think i can lend sis this comp for next year le. (: i won't use it unless i need it for work i guess. :D

okay that's all. i pray that i won't get distracted or tempted. hopefully. =/ i pray hardhard.

loves from hui. (:

and i wanna say thanks to daphne again. she's an awesome friend. (: thanks awfully honey! you're great! just to let you know! (:

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