2008-01-01, 10:28 a.m.

happy new year everyone! (:

i woke up at 7 today, slept at 2, forgot to post, so here it is now, at 10.28. (:

erm, did quite a bit of shopping yesterday for new year clothes. xD going to buy again today. went to buy at vivo, so it's kinda like, nearly all branded goods. :D bought a top at bebe, and a skirt at niicho if i didn't remember wrongly. sapph bought something at AX, so did aunt. BASICALLY, aunt did the most shopping. LOL. but the 2 tops we bought at bebe, costed 200. LOL. 2 tops - 200 bucks. hahahhaa. :D we spend money so scary. =/
i like the skirt. ^^ even sapph said it was nice, but cus i got it, so she didn't want to get it anymore. i picked black, so it's easy to match with clothes. (: wheeee. i didn't really spend much yesterday i think.. LOL. the top was 110.. the skirt was.. 20? LOL. damn cheap compared to the top. i'm gonna wear for a longlonglong time man. hahahha. :D

what else.. i really really hope that elisa and ty can go back to the past. they're so hostile to each other now.. okay maybe not hostile.. but they don't even look at each other.. =/ it sucks. i want them to get back together.. ><
uh, as friends of course. -.-

last year's christmas and this year's new year doesn't feel like anything. there's no feel to it at all. geraldine says so too. haha. actually everyone says so. and geraldine's my jr. haha. :D:D

going metro to shop later i think.. i dono. lol. or orchard. somewhere la. and my homework is not done. LOLLL. i have one more question to do- maths last question. sucks la. I DON'T EVEN GET THE QUESTION. GOSH. and noone can explain it to me. sad. =/

okay, don't feel like posting anymore. gonna watch iswak! (: and dou niu yao bu yao by today!!

bytheway, i'm gonna ban myself from the comp when school starts. hopefully for the whole year so that i can mug. lol. probably pass this comp to sis for a year or something. xD but i'll get it back from her during hols, duh. (: yup, so meanwhile, i won't be coming online AT ALL unless i need to use the comp for work and so will shun bian come on. xD but otherwise, no. it's work all the way. (:

and i hate the way aunt keeps laughing at me for wanting to become a doctor like yvonne. what's her problem man. i don't even know if i wanna be a doctor yet, and she keeps on saying it. i wish someone would tell her to fuck off for me, but sadly she's my elder, so i can't do that. so crap la. wanna tell her to shut up also cannot, cus grandma will be nehnehneh over there. so shitty. ><

oh, and yesterday when we were going to the concert, there was this car that was going to reverse into the slot. then my mum just chionged in liddat, and they came down and blahblahblah. so sapph and i just walked off. that woman's attitude was. omg. -.- the limit. she talked like a barbarian, and she couldn't even ask nicely. -.- thank god mum didn't wanna come out of the slot. that woman was so annoying la. grr. more annoying than aunt, which's unusual. yes i know. okay anyway. really don't feel like blogging le.

happy new year everyone. (: keep smiling.

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