2008-01-05, 7:32 p.m.

hey guys. ><

i'm getting kfc for dinner! but i'm so sian now. >< all because of my darling elisa. really, i think her problems are never-ending. =.=" and i'd never been involved in all these if i never went to her church last year. feeling very tired now. >< can't imagine how elisa's feeling now. if i'm like that, ohmygosh, i don't even dare to think. she must be feeling awful or something. i hope andreas doesn't make things worse while he's on the line with her. =/ she's feeling bad enough.

i was thinking if i should stop talking to ty. i mean, it's what he did to me. in april or may. can't remember. or july. whatever man. because of whatever people said, he decided to just stop talking to me. well, i was hurt at the beginning, cus i thought i lost such a great english friend. his english is really awesome. but i think i got over it soon after. then in around november.. or october.. he started talking to me again. cus he clicked wrongly on msn. and now i'm thinking if i should do what he did to me. but the problem is he's so pitiful now, cus nearly everyone in the church disagrees with what he's doing. >< and i want to stop talking to him totally. he's just annoying me. with elisa's problems also. it's so crap. i wished i'd never gone to EL, then i also won't know so many things. then my mood now will probably be something like "happy". i'm really muddled now. ><
but again, if i didn't go to EL and know some of her friends like andrew, andreas, thaddeus and tianyong, i probably would be just a normal friend to her. like sherylynn, like sherms, like chermin. the reason why she turns to me when it comes to EL is because i know some of the people there as well. =/ ohwell, i guess i'm thankful for that. (:

okay.. looking forward to kfc at 9..? this is so crap.. i think i'll tell him soon.. this is really bothering me.. but i dono how to tell him man. ><

okay, feeling even more crappy now. he just talked to me, AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PUT IT. ohcrap man. >< okay i said it. the feeling sucks. i hope he understands what i'm trying to say man.

okay this is crap. i'm calling elisa tonight. >< i think i'm gonna pull this off successfully. i will. i'm not gonna be soft-hearted and give in. i'll persist.

okay, i think we're coming to an end soon. (friendship) -.- yup, he said goodbye. haha. (: i don't know if i feel better or not, but i think i can smile properly now. haha. (: but it'll be so awkward if we meet next time.. like in hub or something.. haha. :D i'm feeling so much better now! hahha!

but i think i must still thank god for sending such a wonderful friend to me. even if it didn't last long. it was enough to me. troubles or fun. (:

takecare everyone!

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