2008-01-08, 9:54 p.m.


this's gonna be a short post cus i wanna go slack on my bed soon.. :D:D

well.. morning jog today.. then I FELT LIKE PUKING. luckily i didn't. ohwell at most i'd have to take that awful medicine. haha, haven't taken it yet, but i guess all medicine are awful except for lozenges. (:
had lessons today.. my first day of lessons since i didn't attend school yesterday.. quite alright i guess. :D had physics, maths, english, chinese and some other subs which i can't remember. haha. :D
the english lesson was.. omgosh. =.=" i don't like that teacher. she kinda can't teach? i mean, it's alright, her explanations and everything.. i just can't pinpoint where she sucks. haha. :D maybe she doesn't; it's just that i'm being sensitive. xD
she called me up to read this context of an informal letter and told me to read it as how i would, JUST BECAUSE I'M FROM LD AND I'M FROM DEBATE WING, AND JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS THE EX-VP OF DRAMA WING, she picked on me. i don't like teachers calling up ld girls.. it's kinda like cus i'm the only on in my class, then i feel like kinda.. erm.. i dono how to put it. it's just.. gross.. like being the only one in the cca in your class.. =/

went to run at gym after school today with sherms, ner, juan & girlgirl. ran on trackmill for 15mins, ran for 1.9+km i think.. i can't remember. lol. so shit la. i believe i was gonna run out of breath soon.. my stamina sucks. =/
did some really interesting stuff at the gym.. pity ner had to leave early for cca. =/ took some photos and we all left. :D
girlgirl & i had lunch in the canteen. she convinced me to buy $1 orange bowl AND I COULDN'T FINISH IT. grr. i'm so never gonna buy $1 orange bowl from now on. i can't finish it la; it's too much. =/ and it was damn spicy. LOL. we were like alternating between the super spicy orange bowl and the coldie coldie mango smoothie. haha. :D that's lame. i was just kinda being cold.. =/

CAN'T WAIT FOR LESSONS TMR. (: we have malay! hahaha! (: MALAY. you know how interesting MALAY is. LOL. sucks la. but anyway, it's an hour of slackness. so who cares. xD enqi heard from qi that the teacher's rather strict.. well, we'll just have to see it for ourselves tmr, i guess.

okay going off. told ya this'd be a short post. xD

by the way, the monitors of 2grace are xiumin, denise tay, mag and ME. :D okay that looked kinda conceited, but well yeah, the 4 of us. (:

happy working together guys. ^^


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