2008-01-11, 5:26 p.m.

happy to come up and post again.. :D:D

so.. recent happenings eh..

uh.. netball buddies came for them today.. lol. came from ipoh. :D fellow netballers to them, fellow citizens to me. haha. :D:D miss lin made a joke early this morning after common test today. about mag and her buddy. she keeps saying she's damn suay, cus she picked mag. LOL. damn funny la. haha. :D:D
then err.. TODAY WAS. ABSOLUTELY BORING. it was the super slack day. had pe, took height and weight. (: i'm 164!! or 163. shit i can't remember. CRAP. i think it's 163? yeah. haha. :D and my weight's 42. so shit la. i keep gaining. grr! hope i stop at a certain extent. (:
elisa told me in class that andreas tried to suicide. =.=" didn't feel like laughing. dono why. just didn't feel like it. didn't have that sadist instinct in me when i heard that. *weird*
well then for arts, we were supposed to draw something that we hoped last forever and something that we hope to vanish / never happened. she went to draw chicken little. -.-" then in the 3rd box, forgot what the requirements were, she wrote "knowing t.y". =/ so sad. i don't think they can ever get together as friends again.
she told me not to be so nice to him. and said he talks ill behind my back as well. ohwell.. all kinds of people in this world. nerissa was also telling me in the taohuay shop that mag was comparing and laughing at my psle aggregate, cus she got 4 marks higher than me. i mean, the reason why i don't mind is not because i think that she's right. it's because i'm really very tired to fight with her all day long. and i mean, c'mon, you fight, you win. so? is there a PRIZE? do you get FAMOUS? no you don't. even if you did, what's the point of arguing all day long. what a waste of energy. we might as well use it on something that's worth our energy. (: mag also said they were playing captains' ball with the buddies as well, and said a sacarstic "too bad!" to me. haha. didn't really mind somehow. i mean, yeah i did when she said that to me. but now that i come to think of it, there's nothing to be cross about. lets not degrade to their level, shall we? (:

we sacked mag a couple of days ago.. lazy to put the reason why here.. and sherylynn took her place. (: yay to that. haha! ^^

talked with girlgirl and ner in taohuay shop today. we spent like 2h there, talking about all sorts of stuff. girlgirl's dog, ner and my maid, our parents, our family etcetc. talked about sherms, juan, elisa as well. OH. juan came too! but she left early cus she had to go and buy a printer. (: yup. then we laughed quite a bit there too! LOL. talking with them is such great fun, esp with ner, cus she can make you laugh like, damn easily. hahaha. <333 to them.

sherms fell sick today.. aww. =/ that's not sacarstic by the way. hope sherms get well soon. ^^ lets play badminton on monday together! SO SHERMS, MAKE SURE YOU'RE WELL. (:

had tuition yesterday.. then at 9 we kinda told rosy we'll study ecology on our own and ask her anything we don't know. surprisingly, she said yes. *weird* so we studied together, quizzed each other. haha. (: i found the test pretty easy today. thank god for that. i hardly find any tests easy except for lit and chinese's. :D:D

and my english teacher.
she sucks. like. seriously.
she sucks alot alot.
here are the resons why :

1. she doesn't teach well.
2. i don't get her teaching.
3. i just don't like her.

yup. haha. :D:D:D can't wait for miss p to come back! she's awesome! <3

going vivo later to return that stupid tights.. WISHED I'D NEVER BOUGHT IT. waste of time and money. now we have to go back and return it. grr. =/ so shit. but other than that, there's no problems with the top. haha. and no other problems with the clothes! <333 them. (: can't wait to wear them. LOL. i love new clothes. hahhaa. :D:D

can't wait for cny.. then we'll have to go back.. :D THEN I CAN SEE SHASHA AND ILYSHA AGAIN! (: lol. that's like the reason why i wanna go back. i'm not even really tempted by the angpaos. lol. =/ but ohwell, sapph has exmas, so we'll come back earlier. :D

yup.. and i think that's all for this post.. recent enough. :D:D shall post another time. (: dono when though. haha. :D

ohyeah. hope i have time to go hub later.. wanna get that pair of slippers.. dammit. =/ gah. i'm gonna get mummy to buy it for me. hehe. :D:D

AND I NEED A LIGHT. FOR MY TABLE. THIS IS SO CRAP LA. i still want my room back. gosh. but i think my room's filled with insects. T.T i saw a nymph just like, yesterday or the day before only. T.T

okok, needa go bathe. mum coming back soon. (: oh and there was a really pleasant surprise from jas korkor! he sent me a card! hahhaa! (: cus apparently i sent him one like, MANY YEARS AGO. which i can't even remember clearly. LOL. even sapph doesn't remember. (: thanks to him!

and one more thing.. elisa told me andreas was going to suicide again.. she doesn't show it, but i bet she's feeling real awful inside. =/ just hope she'll let it all out when she gets home. it's really tough to act as something that you're not. )" i feel so sorry for her. thaddeus, help please. ><
to those who read that sentence, thaddeus can't read this blog. i'm just saying it. =.="

okay, gotta go. (: cheers to you all! (: take care! love you guys out there!


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