2008-01-13, 10:10 p.m.

heyho. (:

so i've gotten my slippers! finally. :D:D but it cost 48 bucks.. feel kinda paiseh.. xD

bought loads at hubbb. :D:D ntuc. hehe. we had 5 pieces of 20 bucks vouchers. ended up using one only. cus one receipt came up to 38.10 and the other came up to 11.25 only. so yep! the 11.25's for my class's january babes~! (: since it's alr mid-jan, we thought we'd just give it all at once. (: sherylynn's on the 25th..! gotta make my card soon..~!

we bought 5 vitasoys just now.. LOL. at ntuc. sapph said they(parents) sure MEH(nag) one.. but mum didn't say anything. hahaha. :D probably cus she saw i was having lots of difficulty carrying the idiotic green baskety. =.=" so freakin heavy la! now i know why sapph buys 2 only.. =.=" it's so heavy. gosh.

talking to grace now. :D ashley too. AND IT'S HOKAYAN. HAHHAA. so unbelievable. i've never seen her online for 2 years and all of sudden she comes on now. 0.o weird, yes i know. :D:D

looking forward to school tmr.. (: i think school's smashing now! cus i get to see my desk partner [juan] everyday, get to see the 2 wee wee partners [sherylynn * elisa], my awesome drama friend [cheok], my class's maths genius [carrie], my highigh partner [ner], my girlgirl [chermin] and my smashing friend [sherms]. did i leave anyone out.. i think that's about it. :D:D ohman, i just love all of them! (: thank God for letting me meet them in the millions of people i could have encountered. although i wouldn't count mag as a success, she's still a lesson for me to learn. (: so i wanna thank her as well. ^^ i learnt that there are certain people in this world who doesn't talk sense and arguing with these kinda people is just degrading yourself. (:

hmm.. i think that's about it for tonight. (: and today. have to do physics tmr.. thanks to xiumin again for printing my art! (: and i think that's about it. haha. (:

always hoping that tmr will be a better day. ^^


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