2008-01-13, 3:32 p.m.

shortshort post! :D make way! (:

was reading my old posts yesterday at night.. and i couldn't even remember some things written in there.. like i really couldn't remember.. lol. :D i guess that's good? but some things i remember so vividly, like bfh..? lol.

ohwell for today.. xiumin was so nice to offer to print for me. (: just because i told her i'll do it later since my printer wasn't connected to my laptop, and i'd do it later at the desktop, she said you do now and i print for you la. :D:D so nice of her. thanks! (:

have to do english later on.. have absolutely no idea how to go about it.. =.=" physics could be done today or tmr.. depends. :D:D

yay! i'm going to hub and jubilee later! (: jubilee to get the idiotic black paper for the noticeboard, and hub to get my slipppppers! my long-awaited slippers! YEAH! then have ta go get candies as well.. :D:D we're wrapping this bigbig goodie bag for our birthday girls.. hehe. :D it's really going to be full of sweets and chocolates and marshmallows and all the good stuff you can think of basically. (:

wheeeeee. going back to vivo soon to get the refund.. 13 bucks. so idiotic la. and they can't send a cheque back. gosh. so dumb. like, DUMB. mum said it's not even enough to cover for the car's fuel. hahaha. :D
elisa told me she knew what she wanted when she was at vivo yesterday.. this big strawberry soft toy thingy. i just remember she said it's huge and it's something about strawberry. =.=" then i asked her if there was anything else she wanted since vivo was really far and i don't go there very often.. so she said i just want something big enough to hug me.. LOL. i was like i'd buy ashley for you if i could, but unfortunately i can't. hahahha. :D that was pretty cold i guess. :D

okay, it's gonna rain soon. hope it rains faster. (:

you guys could go look at my 1/4 blog at too! it's our combined blog: sherms, ner, juan & hui. :D:D it's full of awesome and smashing stuff cus it's about US. (:

loving you guys out there! :D:D

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