2008-01-22, 8:24 p.m.

Heyhey~! :D:D

These few days has been rather "not very exciting.." lol.

We had geog yesterday.. Boring as usual. =/ even Cheok was feeling the same. Hahaha. :D Went to the library after school to study with lyns, and I finished my physics! Amazing that I could finish it while Nerissa was talking most of the time. Haha. :D
Went to eat orange bowl after that.. We then went to the viewing gallery for a rehearsal for the so-looking-forward-to-friday. We can't wait to see Sherylynn's expression when we show her what we've prepared for her. xD
The china kids came for exchange programme too. And because I was Boss, I was told to take care of them. But fortunately! Haha, I had my fellow bosses to help me out. :D:D thanks to you guys!
They were kinda cute too! Enjoyed their company. :D they were so nice they gave me something made out of jade! (: ohman, they're so nice! Haha, awfully nice people! (: & I found out that their level of maths is..- high. =.=" they did our syllabus in p3. Or p4. Ohyeah, one of them was 12 and the other was 13. :D:D
They also gave us the subject combi talk. I guess I know what I want to take alr. Haha, but since it's only the start of the year, I shall continue to observe and see if I take an interest in a different sub. :D
The day before (Sunday):
Went to swim at Yck complex with girlgirl, juan & xinhoon! OMG, THAT GIRL IS DAMN CUTE. Her laugh is super contagious! Then when we were swimming in the pool, she'd call yihui and chermin will look at her. So after a while she was like (points to girlgirl) "you're yihui right?" (points to me) "and you're chermin?" Then at first we tried to convince her that I was yihui and girlgirl was Chermin, but she was so persistent we looked at each other and said "yeah i'm chermin and she's yihui." Hahaha. My daddy tagged along too! :D
I learnt how to swim breaststroke properly on that day and learnt how to float on water. xD But the main point is to get dark. Hehe :D
Went for lunch with girlgirl after that. OMG IT WAS LIKE, LOL. We finished swimming at around 11. We took mrt to hub, intending to have lunch there and buy Sherylynn's pressie there, and we'd go home from there. Somehow or another, we went to 77th street and saw jewellery. So girlgirl said want go j8 or not, cus there's perlini silver there. Then I was like "Ah? Oh, okay. Go lor. Haha." So we went. Reached there, WALKED J8, played at the arcade too. LOL. By the time I reached hub again, it was 2+. LOL. Ohman, sunday was damn fun. (:
Just that girlgirl's too cold sometimes.. xD her and her cold jokes. Hahaha. :D

2 days ago (Saturday):
Went to rtc to swim. Went to vivo after that (thanks mum, for sending me there), met up with cheryl, yvette & sweeen. LOL. Yvette had to go soon though. She had some stupid bbq to attend.. =/ so she couldn't stay for long. So in the end, it was kinda like an outing for cheryl, sweeen & I. We watched "One missed call" too! OMG, IT WAS FREAKY. LOL. Cheryl and I found it amusing though! Hahaha, cus the entire cinema was screaming, so we found it kinda amusing. xDxD Yvette was so shocked to hear that we didn't scream and found it amusing instead. :D yvette the noob! (:

My dearest darling form teacher came back today. (: her great-grandma [̫����] passed away on thursday. Or wednesday, so she didn't come on thursday, friday, and monday. ): she only came back today, and she can only wear black or white. Lol.
She gave xiumin & sherylynn the form for ushering. =/ sad. I wanted to do usher this term. xD it's awesome! Hope they enjoy it. xDxD it's really great fun! Hehe.
I studied in the library today! LOL. I gymmed with juan & cheok, went to the library after that by myself and saw nicole chan inside. She asked me what I was doing & I was like "needa study history" and she said "okay I see you study." So I seated myself at the most comfortable cushion seat. xD with nicole 2 seats away from me. Was going to study history, then we started talking and stuff, I DIDN'T STUDY FOR AN HOUR. LOL. We kept talking about stuff. SHe's damn nice & fun to talk to too. LOL! Ohgosh, I think I know some really awesome, nice, friendly, wonderful, amazing, fun people! (: thank God!
Ohwell, she left at around 4+. Or 3+, so I did manage to study! Hahaha, highlighted the main points, and studying them again tmr. :D constant studying makes me remember stuff easier.. :D I met my LD vice-pres in the library today. She looked so damn tired, and fell asleep. Lol. I wrote a note, meaning to leave it on her table and let her read it when she woke up. But she woke up before I meant her to, and the note was in my hand alr. She didn't look like she was going to go back to sleep, so I just went to her and pass her the note. Lol. When I left, I looked back and saw her smiling. Hope I made someone's day. (:
Lastly, on a really happy note, I'd like to congratulate the C'div for winning their first match! :D 43-1! Congrats to them, and luckily no one had any serious injuries today. xD Congratulations, C'div! (: remember to win Selina's share back as well!

Selina was really sad today. >< cus mag, enqi & elisa left the class, and she was still inside. =/ she's not in school team. ): so sad! I'm not part of C'div & I feel sad for her, not mentioning the C'div teammates. =/ I smsed her to not be sad today. Hahaha :D I said I was a little sad too & she asked me why; I said cus I saw mag & enqi wearing the jersey. Haha. I don't think she got it. xD
Met grace today after school outside wisdom, and we talked about our netball memories. SO freakin cool man.. our 3 years together as teammates.. Namely:

Addie (Captain)
Grace (Vice-cap)
Munn (Logistics / Welfare)
Me [YiHui] (First-aid)
Sng (Equipment)
Sandra (Equipment)

Yeah, the 12 of us. Wonderful memories.. (: that's what we were talking about today. Lol.

And did I mention.. I teared when I saw Enqi & Mag with the jersey. I still have it in my wardrobe-


Haha, dri-fit, & I still have 2. xD

OKay, I think this post is getting a little too long and draggy.. Haha. :D Shall come back another time! (:

Please go & tag if you have the time.. xD we're including chermin soon, so all our awesome memories will be there. (: please go and read it if you have the time too! ^^

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