2008-01-25, 11:04 p.m.

Hey you guys out there who are reading this. It's gonna be a long post, so prepare to rest your eyes after this.

We shall first talk about yesterday..

Yesterday was great. My new juniors. <333 they're awesome. The ones with crap attitudes didn't get in, so all was well. xD they introduced themselves and everything, and we had food & games party! Woah man! So shiok la! LOL. Played cat & mouse, bloodpotatos and the chair game. Hahaha. :D:D had briefing after that. (:

Jocelyn also seemed to remember me. LOL. And I strongly suspect that she told Eunice what I did on tuesday. xD it's alright. I'm proudda it. =P

Today was.. FANTASTIC!
To start off, it's our dearest darling, Chang Hui Fen Sherylynn Dianne's birhday! (: it's her sweet sweet 14th birthday! YAYS! :D:D:D she's our darlng! (: ever so cute and chubby! And her name is (I shall repeat again) SHERYLYNN! (:
SO fine, she said the surprise wasn't a surprise anymore, cus she said it was too obvious. But when girlgirl dragged her to the viewing gallery, her face was.. SHOCKED! LOL. A nicer word would be surprised, I guess. She even teared when we were singing the birthday song in class for her! LOL. Gosh, our ever-so-cute Sherylynnbaby as Juan calls it! Hahaha. The people who came to celebrate with us:
Sherms, Ner, Chermin, Juan, Alex, Rhys, Selina, Beatrice, Jiaen, Cheok & I. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Hahaha!
Ohyeah, then we took the chocolate on the cake, AND SMUDGED IT ONTO SHERYLYNN'S FACE. :D so funny! Then she went to wash it off while we cut the cake into pieces. xD everyone had to use hand / tissue to eat since we forgot all about the plates / forks. The process was kinda gross. LOL. All the chocolates & everything.. YUCKS.
We blew candles for her too! I brought the lighter and now it's missing. SHIT. LOL. I think it's with Cheok. xD She made 3 wishes, said 2 out and kept 1 in. xD
Elisa didn't come to school today to celebrate Sherylynn's birthday with us. ): 2 ulcers at throat and sore eyes. Poor dear. =/ get well soon! (:
went for recess after that. 10mins recess. xD etcetc.. then..
OH. We had c-lit! HAHA. SO DUMB. Cus I'm sitting right in front now [as in, 1st row (new seating arrangements)] and during c-lit, I WASN'T LISTENING TO CONFUCIUS'S TEACHINGS AT ALL. I wrote my birthday card (which was a piece of foolscap paper) for Sherylynn. HAHAHA. :D then lin lao shi saw it, but she still didn't really care, cus she knew I was semi-paying attention. Hahaha. :D I asked questions etc, so yeah. Hehehe.
Had to arrange seats today after school cus it was meet the parents. I came home at around 9+! SO late. And now my hair's still wet. ):
Okay yeah, to continue..

We arranged seats and decorated the board. Though later Cheok and friends went to class and changed it. Miss Lin told Juan to clean off the AWESOME ft as well. xD
OH! THEN AFTER THAT. DURING THE MEET THE PARENTS SESSION, OMG IT WAS HILARIOUS. Xiumin, Sherylynn, Sherms, Juan, Sandra (p3 / p4 friend) & I kept on laughing and talking together! OMG SO DAMN FUN AND FUNNY! CUs Sandra & I got chased out by Susan Lim in the Drama Studio. SO dumb. I'll elaborate about that later. But at the staircase, we were like, all laughing and talking. Then if a parent came, Sandra & I'd have to hide cus we weren't in proper attire. She was wearing pe shirt + pe shorts + slippers, while I was wearing class tee + fbt + slippers. Which was why Susan Lim chased us out of the drama studio in the first place. xD
Then after a while, we found that the parents didn't really care, cus they were busy finding directions and busy trying to understand what the usher was telling them. xD so we just stood there and bowed and greeted them "Good evening". xD but altogether, IT WAS REALLY FUN!
OHOH! & you know there was this parent! This daddy, he said "your school is like a maze." & continued walking. Juan's reaction was a bit laggy, and after 2s she said "HAVE FUN!" LOL. It was hilarious. The effects were hilarious. Ohmygosh la. LOL. Super funny.
Ohyeah, we went to the taohuay shop in the afternoon too. xDxD stayed in school decorating 2hope before going there, AND WE ENDED UP CAMWHORING IN 2HOPE FOR LIKE, 45MINS. HAHA. :D we used OHP for lighting as well! xDxD great fun! Sherms, Juan, Ner, Chermin & I! :D:D:D WONDERFUL!
After that they went to the extension block to carry out more ushering. =.= so I went down to the specs stand, and started stoning. Met Alex there, & Cheok came soon after, hunting high and low (literally) for her pinafore at the specs stand cus she thought she lost her pinafore during SJ. Hahaha. :D
Talked & stoned for a little while, and we decided to walk the track. Went onto the track and found out that tonight's stars were really pretty! There was Archilles' belt as well, AND WE COULD SEE VENUS! NOW, HOW COOL IS THAT! It was a little orangey & yellowish. COOL! & the stars were really pretty!
So we walked the track, and started telling each other's tales. xD stopped and took photos of the netball pole twice. xD awesome memories.
Sherylynn, Juan and Sherms came down when they had duty at classrooms. Hahaha. Then we walked the track together AGAIN (for Cheok & I) and Sherylynn was super hyper. =.=" damn high la. Hahaha. :D
So we went back to class after that, and saw TanShuWei in our class. That stupid TSW ar, she talk to the parents as if she's the FT of 2grace. =.=" & all Miss Lin could do was to smile smile fakely, or to give that damn sian look. I felt so sorry for her I smsed her saying "WE feel so sorry for you." sighs. ><

I found the test rather easy today.. Hope I can score once for history. =.="

Ohyeah! Sherms & I managed to see Sherylynn's parents today! (: I like seeing people's parents. xD I think it's cool. Hahaha. :D:D saw nerner's and cheok's too. =P
Sherms & I walked back together from the Ave2 gate, which was uphill. WOooolala. Too bad girlgirl didn't come back to school ya. ): sad. =/

I had loads of fun with them today! :D:D It's 11.34 now. LOL. I can't believe I spent half an hour on this entire blogpost. xD make sure you read and digest them properly! (:

I loved today so much, I wish it'd stop at 11.59. ^^

Today's really special you see, cus it's our first time sharing Sherylynn's special day of the year! :D

Loving you guys out there.

Hui was here. :D

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