2008-01-23, 9:45 p.m.

Wah lau, I'm fucking pissed now.

Am I even my mum's daughter? Which mum'd tell their kid "your results are shit, still don't go tuition." Seriously. That was. A whole load of bullshit. She just made me damn pissed. She started comparing Sherms and I when I said newcastle isn't helping much. Then she asked why. I explained cus it was like, we split into 3 modules, and because the class is big, we all do different modules. As for other schools, they don't even have modules; they just do science as a whole sub. SO what rosy is teaching is what the school hasn't even touched on. Which is like, dumb. =.=" then she asked me so what do you wanna do, go another centre? I said I didn't know, cus the other centres probably have the same problem also, so I said then maybe don't go for tuition anymore la. She went like "Your results so shit alr you still don't want to go for tuition. You see shermaine's results so good still go for tuition." Wah lau eh. Seriously ar. I mean, it's not that I'm pissed at the fact that she compares me with sherms; IT'S THE BLOODY FACT THAT SHE SAID MY RESULTS ARE SHIT AND THAT I NEED TUITION. HELLO? LOOK WHO'S THE ONE WHO HASN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO MY EDUCATION AND NOW COMPLAINING MY RESULTS ARE SHITTY? OHMYGAWD. GET A LIFE, MUM. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I FARED RECENTLY FOR SEC2 AND YOU'RE COMPLAINING THAT MY GRADES ARE LAN? WHATEVER MAN. AND BY THE WAY, WE'RE ALR SEC2. STOP TAKING OUR PSLE AGGREGATE AND MAKE A COMPARISON WITH THAT. IT'S BASELESS, CUS NO ONE WITH COMMON SENSE WILL LOOK AT AGGREGATES. THEY LOOK AT O LEVELS. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, KNOW THE ECONOMY BEFORE YOU TALK. AND WE'RE ALR SEC2, SO STOP HARPING ON PSLE. GOSH.

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