2008-02-29, 9:57 p.m.

Happy leap year, everyone! :D

So today, the once in 4 years' year / day, I spent it with my 4 amazing friends. [: Girl, Sherms, Juan & Nerrs!

So.. the day started off fine.. maths test was great! Though I think ALOT of my answers are wrong. =/ cus Girl & Denise had many answers which were the same.. Ohwells, it's over anyway. [: no point brooding over it. IT'S LAME!

After school.. I kinda pissed Sherylynn off and she kinda pissed me off as well. So that wasn't very pleasant..

Juan, Sherms & Ner had media training after that, so Girl & I had a chest-to-chest (heart-to-heart) talk. [: quite enjoyable! We told each other many many things! ^^ <3

They came back after that, then Juan & I felt like walking around the whole school, so we started walking. LOL. Stared at the hockey girls for like, 10mins. LOL. At the field. Then we walked over to the netballers side for around 20mins. ROCKed la. :D damn cool. The way Mag runs is SO CUTE! LOL. Hilarious. Sngying's good. I didn't know Daphne could play defending as well. [: DAPHNE AND SNGYING PAIR UP AS GD & GK, DAMN FUNNY! Sngying like, no "mo qi" with Daphne, so she keeps on throwing offside, in the sense that it's out of Daphne's reach. Then it's damn funny, cus you see them arguing on the court. LOL. & I made Juan sub-obsessed with netball! [: HOORAYS!

Went to the kids' heaven after that- playground. xD swing & more importantly, PHOTOS! YAY! [: damn awesome. We took LOTSA photos! ^^ pity I can't upload them up here, but whoever's interested in viewing them, please add me in msn & I'll open a sharing folder. :D some of them are really comical. I'M HEADLESS IN ONE PHOTO! [:

Came home at around 6. Slacked. READ THE NEWSPAPERS. Omg, I think it's the first time I actually picked up the newspapers cus I was curious about the headlines. -.-" so rare. First time, wonder when's the next. xD
It was about the escaped fugitive / terrorist. Apparently, he was the JI leader in 1999 or something like that and he tried to crash a plane or a hi-jet thing or something like that into ChangiAirport. Dangerous man. Hahaha [: Sherms & Juan were so worried when they were walking home today. xD

Around 7 plus, I NOTICED THAT IT DIDN'T RAIN. So nehneh. So I dressed quickly, grabbed a towel and my shuffle, and semi-sprinted to the lift; I didn't want to run when it was at night- "hard" vision. Ran one round around the school today, but in the same opposite direction, AND IT TOOK HALF OF MY LIFESPAN AWAY AT THAT POINT IN TIME. Going up the Ave2 hill is VERY steep. =/ can literally feel the muscle pull and strain on the calves and thighs. Damn cool. :D destressed! Yay! :D:D

Mama said she won't let me go and run after 6-7 cus that stupid Mas dono what Kalstari or something like that isn't caught yet. GAH! Because of him, EVERYONE IN SINGAPORE IS AFFECTED. Screw him.

Wanna emigrate when I grow up! [: to UK most probably. Mummy said yes, wonder if Dad will though.. he's very particular about things like these.. ]:

Short note for netballers: Good try against sports school. Don't be discouraged; the greatest enemy is yourself.

That's about it. :D

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