2008-02-28, 6:15 p.m.

Hey there.

I believe I just posted yesterday.. :D

Anyway, today was rather an interesting day. Had the annual health check up held by HPB and they checked my spine and everything. Then we talked crap after we were done. xD outside the MPR2. :D:D
Went back to class for maths after that. Then english. OMG. -.-" that teacher has issues. Seriously, she's sick. I was telling Kim to stand up and read later, and she accused me of TALKING. Okay fine I was, otherwise how was I supposed to convey my message? After that she said I'll ask you to stand up after she's done, and you have to repeat what she said. So I strained my ears to hear what the crap Cheok was talking about, BUT SHE WAS SO SOFT I could hear the fans moving. After that, she told me to stand up, but I kinda ignored her, so she walked to the photo list and called my name out. I gave a semi-perfect answer and sat down. But, to be honest, SHE HAS ISSUES.

Had physics after that, didn't understand a word of it as usual. -.- then history. LOL. Denise & I were being damn lame. Then I told Beat to blow the bubbles, but she said you blow la, so she passed me the superman bottle. Then when her head was turned, I blew around the class and she suddenly said "Girls, stop playing with the bubbles ar." THEN EVERYONE STARTED LAUGHING. LOL! :D
Left for cip after that.

Went with Gwee. When we reached there, the kids there were really very pitiful. You couldn't help feeling sorry for them and wanting to reach out to them. Some were intellectually disabled, some were physically disabled. But the bottom line was all of them were worth caring for and our sympathy ought to go to them. Visiting homes like these really make you feel that you're VERY lucky to have your limbs perfectly normal, a brain that's functioning properly etc. Wonder how we can complain sometimes without thinking about those who are worse off than us. Now I know why they tell us to count our blessings per day. [:

That's around it I guess.. Tuition afterwards; hope it's the last one. Maths test tmr.. ]: hope I do well. Haha [:

Godbless. ^^

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