2008-03-29, 7:00 p.m.

Today, was a truly fantastic day :) one of the best days since the beginning of 08'!

Few reasons.. :D

Congrats to Stnicks for BREAKING GUINNESS WORLD RECORD! We have officially broken the world record of a 100m relay on a 400m track for 24hours! CONGRATS STNICKS :)
We have also (I think) broken the Singapore Book of Records of running the longest distance with the most number of people on a 400m track in 24hours, with the participation of Doctor William Tan, who so very kindly consented to wheel himself around our track for 24hours. He's a really awesome man; trust me. He just pushes on, even if his speed is dropping, he's not giving up. & he's giving his all.

Elisa's church friends came today. :) cus of her and Julia. xD managed to catch a glimpse of a few of them..
Lemuel, Andreas, Ivan (I think), TianLong, Sharlene (I think). :D I knew how Lemuel looked like from photos, remembered TianLong's look a little vaguely, but otherwise it was my first time meeting all her other church friends. & not excluding TianYong.
Maybe it was just me, but I got the feeling that he didn't really want to be in the same 'place' as me. If I came, he'd leave 3mins later. If I look from afar and he doesn't know, he stays there for like, LONG. Ohwell, I'm not saying I'm complaining, but the silence between the both of us was pretty awkward, I guess. After all, it was a good chance to patch the both of them up. Ohwell :D not regretting now, and I won't in future. :)

We managed to sell everything for food stall! WOOT :) but I don't think it reached 3k. LOLS. :) was a surprise that we managed to sell everything actually xD

Met Athena, Sheryl, Xuan & Delfina. Siobhan (I think that's how you spell her name..) was with Delfina. Lols :) she really lost loads of weight! Hahaha :) she seems really different. Even Sapph was surprised. Her face was like WHAT? Wow, I'm impressed! Hahaha, :D she lost all her baby fats, so she's naturally thinner now.
Sheryl & Athena looked the same. Besides, it's only been 2 months since I saw them. Hahaha :)
XUAN LOOKED SO MATURE NOW :) not the naughty girl she once was, but now a fairly mature girl. :) <3 her. Haven't seen her in 2 years. Imagine that. Woots :D
But they went to meet Ashley soon after, so I guess it was just a say-hi-and-bye thing.

SAW MRS KHONGGG TODAY! The most wonderful form teacher you could ever get. :) she's gained lots of white hair! Hahaha :) but she still looks healthy and I think she IS going strong!

Spent the day with Juan, Sherms, Girl, Elisa, Cheok & semi-Sherylynn. Lols :) fairly enjoyable day, I loved it. :D
But again, when do I not enjoy the moments when I'm with them? :)

Alright, that's all I guess. Will update soon again. :D

Stnicks has gone down in history! :) <3 Lee.

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