2008-03-29, 2:23 a.m.

Hello, hello, hello :) not posting for 3 days feel kinda weird. xD

So.. Wednesday:
Not much. Prepared for Fiesta mainly.

I freakin' forgot that there was a cca standdown to prepare for Fiesta. Damn dumb, cus I actually brought my ld shirt. -.-

Friday: CAN DIE. I think I trained very well for my 2.4. I freakin' ran from the freakin' art room to the freakin' forum to the freakin' family lounge and from the freakin' family lounge to the freakin' forum to the freakin' art room. I did that a couple of times, say 7-9? Freakin' tiringggg.
Then pangsehed Sherylynn. =/ sorry dear.

Contacts not gotten, wanna get it TMR after Fiesta. :) shades probably getting on Monday instead. :D stnicks's school holiday.

Saturday: WOOT.
Loads and loads of stnicks girls are coming back! Freakin' excited. Sheryl, Athena, Xuan.. dono if Gladys coming back or not, but yeah. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM! Jiaxin & Blandina as well!

I received the sms to rush to school to help fill up the empty slots at least 3 times. Seeing that I lived so near the school, I was forced by certain people to go. So I went. & I went with Cherie. :)
Met Girlgirl & Hannah, xD we wasted ALOT of time by just sitting there, cus we thought we had to wait for our numbers to be called. Then finally Cherie said I can't be home too late, so we went to ask and MrGoh said "You're doing longd? You all can go run alr." WAH THEN EVERYONE WAS LIKE HAH? What the. -.-"
So I half-sprinted 2.4km. :D pretty proud of myself actually. xD

I know this is hard to believe, but when I was running, I felt very light, as if I was floating or something. Everything seemed fake to me. It was hard for me to talk to people cus they seemed like imaginary characters to me. I guess that's what you call by crossing your boundaries or breaking your limit :) <3

Yl, Yf & Vick coming tmr! <3

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