2008-04-13, 2:14 p.m.

Right.. haven't blogged in a long time?

Uh.. so we had the science centre trip yday for bio, and there were 2 sessions. Morning session was fine.. a bit not awake yet, so I kinda screwed everything up. :(
Afternoon session was great. We came up with this hypothesis : Sherylynn's a potential les, though we have yet to prove it :)
Elisa was gone by 1230, which was 20mins into the lesson, so it was mainly without her.

Went to SweeEn's house after that. Went to Lido to watch 'Definitely, Maybe' & I FULLY ENCOURAGE ALL TO WATCH IT. Fantastic ending :) and, "The happy ending was you." Loved that :)

But went home rather late, so I think Daddy wasn't happy. 0.o who cares. I won't be going to her house for awhile anyway. Wait to be precise, I won't be going to anyone's house for awhile now, cus it's nearing the trip and I don't wanna risk it. :)

I think I have this really bad habit, which is I can't talk to dumb people. I don't think I can converse with people like Elisa for long, cus they don't get what you're talking about. Juan's still fine. Cheok's best. SHE GETS EVERYTHING :) check out the smart people. Hahaha :)
But I think I really can't talk to Elisa for long. I don't know why, but I just get fed up and everything, then I don't feel like talking to her anymore. Shitzxsxz. SCREWEDDD. I think it's cus she doesn't get what I talk half the time, wait it's more than half the time, then I have to keep repeating what I say, so I get kinda fedup as well. Ayee, can someone make her smarter or something.

Think I'm gonna be sick of Elisa soon, SHIT.

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