2008-05-05, 4:26 p.m.

Ohmygawd I swear it's the worst day of my life today. & just when I told myself "I bet today's the best day of my life ever," this morning, this had to happen.

Brought the lappy to school to do Macbeth's backdrop. Juan told me to bring, and it didn't occur to me that I could do it at home or rather she could come to my house to do it instead of me bringing the lappy to school. So what happened was, we connected the charger to the plug, so it stretched quite a distance, and Carrie had to go and trip over it, so not only the wire snapped, the lappy dropped. It dropped. Hello, have you ever dropped a lappy? We've been using it for 4 years and not one of us could bear to drop it, so we treated it with utmost care, and all Carrie had to do was trip over it and risk crashing everything in the comp. Animes, music, pictures, vids etc. Sapph hasn't gotten the external hard disk yet, so this comp CANNOT CRASH. To make it worse, the mouse suddenly disappeared and made me so worried I nearly cried in front of them. Honestly, this's got to be the worst day of my life.

And then, came home, found out that stupid Sapph told my maid to wash all the shoes. Can she please not decide things by herself and just go ahead with it. And to think I've been telling her my Napfa's coming and my Napfa's next week. She can just treat it as bullshit and forget it, and then tell my maid to wash my shoes. Fucking annoying. I was so moody, I couldn't bring myself to have lunch with all of them to celebrate Ner's birthday.

& I hate acting as if nothing's the problem when there IS a problem and act jovial and stuff. It's so tiring. I'm so gonna run later. Without my mp3 cus it's redbar :( & I can't charge it cus my daddy brought my lappy to Korea [he left yesterday.] Why are all the shit things coming all at once.

And there's a Math test this friday. Compre test this thursday. Napfa test on Tuesday and Thursday. SUCKS SHIT. I fuckin hate stnicks now. :( crappppp.

On a happier note, I'm pleased that I'm back to school today cus I missed all my darlings and I love the feeling of touching down. :) Juan posted so huge'ly' [LEEYIHUI JUST TOUCHED DOWN] or something like that. Hahaha :)
Passed Ner's pressie today, hope she liked it. :D:D

Will post what happened when I was in Europe soon, maybe on Friday or Saturday.

Gotta start working hard, so I'm not bugging the comp for too long. Wanna go and run at 645, so that I can come home before 7. :)

Till then,
<3 hui.

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