2008-05-19, 7:50 p.m.

HELLO :) I'm back & this post is to tell more about the 3D2N thing :D:D

Went out on the first day.. OH. We watched Made of Honour. LOL, great show :) went to get stuff after that. Swee bought her dinner top which cost 99 bucks. LOL. Me bought halter :)
OH, & then when we went home, Swee's mum started taking out all her old stuff and passed them to us. Seriously, all were so new. She gave this pink one piece dress to Yvette from Italy which cost AT LEAST 300plus. & it was so new! But Yvette did admit that she wasn't confident that she'd wear it out. Lols.
Then she passed me this skirt meant for Swee which I am definitely not wearing which cost 53bucks from Topshop. The tag's not even taken off yet. -.-
Passed Cheryl loads of stuff to. Hahahhaha :)
Slept the night through with 5h of sleep cus stupid Yvette started talking at the top of her voice at 8 in the morning. -.-

Went down for breakfast. Her mum really STUFFS us with food, LOL. Seriously. Everyone was so full, we didn't have to have lunch anymore.
Well then Cheryl, Yvette & I went out cus Swee had this essay writing comp thing, so we went by ourselves. Cheryl went for cat class, Yvette & I went shopping for her dinner clothes. In the end, after trying out countless of pieces, we decided on this black & white dress from Hypnosis. Hahaha :) Yvette, you owe me fifty bucks! :D:D
Proceeded to MRT station from Orchard to Hub cus we had to come back to my house to collect the heels. Did so, hurried back, and when we thought we were going to Swee's house from Newton, we took the bus and forgot to alight, so we freakin ended up near Tuas. -.- cabbed back cus we were really running late, & we didn't want them to wait for us. Lols.
Went back, changed at the speed of lightning, got everything ready, then got ready to go. Swee's clothes were with her mum, so she changed at the Legends.
But OMG, the heels nearly killed Yvette. Okay it took away half my life, but I was still used to it. When I came home, my sis told me it was 4 inches. -.- wanted to punch her or something. Could've died! :(
Well anyway, we still managed. Dinner was good :D:D buffet! Ate loads. Yvette's was the most worth it. LOL :D
Went to this live band thing afterwards, had lots of fun, cut the cake for Swee's korkor, and then the girls went back first. Then when we reached the stairs, Cheryl was walking first and it was pretty dark & she was half-awake only, so when she got to Swee's door, she freakin knocked into her glass door which separated her living room and the aisle, and then started crying. We seriously got a shock man. After that we entered the room, under the lights, we saw that there was a bump. LOL.
So the night was good. :) we all slept early. Around 2-ish.

2 nights were over, we were preparing to go home. Lols :) Yvette & Cheryl left early in the morning though. Around 11. I stayed till 5 or so. :D:D watched Gokusen with Swee & we got so mad! LOLS :D it's a really good drama. Everyone's encouraged to get started on it before it's too late :D
Cabbed home in the evening & arrived home SAFELY :D

WOOOOOOOH, end of sleepover & I really loved it :D cus I mean, just being with them in the room, makes you feel happy and warm. :)

I watched Gokusen when I got home yday, managed to finish the whole series before Dad got home, and thank god, cus I used up the whole tissue box and it'd be troublesome for him to see my bloodshot eyes. Seriously, it's the only drama so far to set me CRYING. I only sob, I don't cry. But I couldn't't believe it when I was actually making noises when I cried. It was so moving, it really made me feel as if I was in the show itself. Words can't describe it; it'd be too vague.

Feel your breeze; awesome :)

Paris & Switz's trip will be posted tonight, I hope :D rewatching Gokusen, LOL. Will try & post them tonight. :D if possible, I'd also wanna post about Gokusen. It's too awesome.

School tmr, :D <3

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