2008-05-27, 7:29 p.m.

Man.. I'm bloated. -.- had sushi lunch with the lyns! :) and then just had dinner, so I'm really BLOATED.

So start with today's wonderful day.. I swear it's the best day of May :)

Had puppetry workshop as early as 9 in the morning -.- I woke up later than expected, but still, I was feeling a bit drowsy. So, we rehearsed for Mok's group for 2 entire hours and then after that, we were free :) went back home to slack for half an hour, then went back to school to wait for them to finish their Olympiad :) all of them said it was so tough, lols :) so glad I didn't go.

Well, after that, I went to Ner's house to slack. Then Juan was having lunch with Girl, Sherms went home as well but she smsed soon saying her Mum didn't allow her to go swimming cus it looked like it was going to rain. So I told her to come to Ner's house to just watch DVD and she was alr on the way, then the sky was clearing so Juan told her to go and collect her swim stuff and then go there with her. So they were waiting at the busstop, & Ner & I made our way there. Halfway I told Kak to bring my shades cus it was so HOT, but she went to bring my specs instead, so I decided to go fix it, but didn't succeed cus we all came back at 6.
Well, anyway, so I boarded the 76 with Moira & Jo cus they went first and we kinda half-talked, half didn't talk. I alighted at the last stop, paid the child's fee (50cents =x) and then went in and saw them in the 0.9m pool. Played with them, took videos and pictures :D damn fun.
Then they went to the babypool and then we took more videos & pictures. Chao fun de.
Finally entered the deep pool when the sky was darkening and dark clouds were swimming over us. Decided to get out and they went to bathe. Ohwait, in case you still don't get it, I didn't swim, that's how I took photos and vids for them. Hahahhaa :)

So after their bath, we walked out to the jap restaurant outside. The one selling every plate for 99cents. LOL. We ate like 15 plates between all of us, & ordered their really superb desserts. Didn't regret eating it :) but pity Ner had to leave before mine came :( :(
Bill came and it was 36.20. Before that we were joking if we didn't have enough money to pay, we'd pay what we could and if they insist that we wash dishes, Juan'd wash their toilet bowl cus she only had 35cents with her. LOL!
Then, aha, joke of the century :D

Forgot to mention that we had a chesting at the 0.9m pool, as in Juan & I, so then we started talking about ourselves. Our discussion was soon over and then it landed on CherminTanJiaMin again. So it goes.

Juan [casually] : You know, she's not coming with us next term.
Hui [casually] : Oh okay.

{In the restaurant}
Convo between Sherms, Juan & Hui..

Juan : ..... OH! Tell you all! You know [cuts off abruptly] Wait it's supposed to be a secret.
Hui : Juan's gonna leak it out sometime. Whether accidentally or on purpose. She'll just say it out.
Juan : Hmph! I will NOT!
Sherms : Okay.. 0.o

{After 10s}

Hui : Ohyeah Juan, did you tell Sherms about the next term Girl not coming with us thing?


Seriously, Juan's the serious joker.

Went home after that :)
Hope Juan manages to convince her Mummy to let her come to Hokkaido with me! :)

Can't remember how long it has been since I went out with the lyns like that. It was really so awesome, somehow it felt as though the feeling came flowing back. & it was something I wouldn't forget for life.

Lyns, <3

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