2008-06-08, 11:55 p.m.

This show SweeEn intro-ed to me, is like always, I rate it #1. :)
'Kimi wa petto' > 'You Are My Pet', this jap drama, is superman awesome. It tells the story about this perfectionist career woman who could never show her real self to others but to this pet 'Momo' "Goda Takeshi" 'which' "whom" she picked up by her condo, abondoned. The story progresses between the owner and the pet, from a pure and innocent owner-pet relationship to a more complicated one which results in a final happy and wizard ending :) strongly recommended.
& I can't believe I used 7 pieces of tissues in an hour, and I used like 4 in 5mins. Omgawd. -.- I have high tear-spam. Lols :)

So.. I said I'll post what happened on Friday on Saturday, but yesterday was a rather hectic and busy day, so I couldn't do it. Apologies! Now it shall be posted :D

Friday :
Supposed to get up at 11, but couldn't drag myself up, so I told Cheryl I'll meet her at the Mrt at 1330, but she was ready so early, so I told her to come to my house instead.
Started packing, had Maggie for brunch, packed lappy & stuff too, then we went. By the time we reached there it was around 3-ish, lols :D
So after we dropped our stuff at her house, we went out to Taka with the Mum to get her 400 bucks DKNY jacket & 150bucks ugly flats. Oops, but I mean, it didn't look that appealing to me for me to spend a 150 on it. 0.o
Then we went to walk by ourselves. Just walked randomly & talked. Then KungFu Panda was up next! That show was smashing! Po was so cute, & it had such a great storyline :) I wouldn't mind watching it a second time.
Went home after the movie, then I started watching Kimi no Petto :D slept at 3-ish.

Saturday :
Was supposed to go home, woke up at 9-ish cus the phone kept ringing. LOLLL.
Well, we decided to slack this day on Friday, so that's what we did. Didn't go out, just spent the entire day at home until around 2-3, then I suddenly thought of baking. LOL. Cus we've been mentioning it ever since Swee moved to her new house, but never really done it, so I just thought of it, & yay we really got down to doing it.
Wanted to make this egg thing at first, for dinner, but then the Mum was like "You girls want to learn how to make cheesecake?" & we were so excited, so we decided to make 2. LOL.
But the Mum said we'd have to stay overnight to see the cheesecake cus it needed to solidify and stuff, so I called Dad & he went like "Can I speak to the Mum?" Then I was so damn scared & I passed the phone to Swee's Mum, & they started chatting so happily. -.- so all's well, but he said "You're going to make cheesecake?" - Yeah. "Don't make promises you can't keep okay." - WHATEVER. Hahhaa :)
Then they got down to writing the ingredients we had to buy while Cheryl & I went to play with Xiaobai & Ritz. Finally it was done & we took a 10mins walk to ColdStorage & bought the stuff, the price for ingredients for both dishes were 151. -.-
Went home, started making it, and we were totally NOT systematic. LOL. We started making the crust (base) first, which was alright :) then put it in the oven to bake. Then we started making the filling (cheese), & then we stopped halfway & had to prepare the other stuff to add in. Lol, so we took much longer. But who cares, it was damn fun :)
Made the toppings after that, superman cool :D it smelled like it went bad alr, but if you taste it, it's exactly like those at Spinelli. Damn good :D
Finally we had the whole thing ready [we made 2 plates] , & then we started pinching it. It tasted so great :D we were so proud of ourselves that we didn't get the kitchen blown up. :D Hahahha :) so sad Yvette couldn't come though :(
Left it in the fridge overnight to solidify it :D went back upstairs to watch Bsm, then Swee suddenly said she wanted to watch it as well. SO I INTROED THAT SHOW TO HER. LOL! But she slept after watching Ep 1. 1/3 cus she had ArtClass the next day, & Cheryl decided to turn in at the same time as her. They went to bed at 1plus, I went to bed at FOUR [4]. & we all woke up at 10 the next day. -.-

Sunday [Today] :
Woke up at 10. -.- cus stupid Sapph called me to tell me she's buying my cam which is sitting in front of me right now, so she asked me what mega pix I wanted & what zoom I wanted. I tell you after she said she was buying cam for me, it just stimulated my brain & I couldn't get back to sleep anymore. -.- so for both days, I HAD SIX HOURS OF PATHETIC SLEEP. -.-
& Swee couldn't wake up for ArtClass even though she slept at 1. -.- & she kept snoozing her alarm some more. & I think the phone rang several times; she reckons it's from her ArtClass thing to ask why she's absent.
So yeah, when we upstairs in the room playing, we heard loads of noise downstairs. & when we were finally okay to go down, we saw like 6 kids downstairs, all her cousins, AND THEY WERE SO DAMN CUTE. OMG, LOL. The oldest was like, 8 or 10, the youngest was 2! DAMN CUTE :D only 1 girl, Alexandra :D
Then this stupid Eliot, 5, went to eat my Aloe-V yoghurt cus I was asking what we could have for breakfast, & Swee passed me my yoghurt, so I was holding it in my hand & he juzt took it from my grasp. And I mean, he's a kid, you can't possibly say "That's not yours, it's mine. Give it back." So he ate my yoghurt :( 1.10 :(:(
Well then we went up to watch Bsm again. LOL. WE BOTH LIKE WANGZI!! :D:D <3
There were some disturbances, so we had to pause here & there, meanwhile I'd just watch my Kimi wa petto :D
Then around 1 or 2, the kids left with their parents, leaving Swee's grandparents only, so when we went down, we saw the Mum with her parents who said she was going to pick Swee's dad up at T3, & asked if we wanted to have lunch there. LOL. So we left at around 3plus.
By the time we dropped her grandparents off & reached T3 & decided on the place to eat, it was 5. LOL. So we lunched at Crystal Jade :D good food man :D:D:D
Saw the Daddy, & then the Mum drove Cheryl & I home. SO GOOD :) with our cheesecake. Hahahha :) we didn't even have to Mrt! :D

& now I'm posting here! :D & can you imagine, it's only 5 more days to my birthday, & I haven't even noticed it. I mean last time, when I was a kid, I'd be counting down from 21 days. Now, I hardly even notice that there's 5 more days left to my birthday. Somehow, I just don't want it to come so quickly, because that'd mark the end of 3rd week holidays.

Why can't time just pass slower when we finally have a break to ourselves. Kumiko's right, even with or without some stuff, the world still revolves & time still passes.

This is something from KungFu Panda. Leant heaps from it, but this is something I'll remember for as long as I live.

"Yesterday was history,
Tomorrow's a mystery,
Today is a gift,
That's why it's called the Present."

Who wouldn't like gifts? I'll always learn how to love everyday, because everyday will be today. Presents, are meant to be kept nicely, always, in the memory. Same for Todays. :)

It's kinda late & I have to get up at 9 tmr.. :( but I can't get to sleep. Library tmr with Denise, must get some work done. :)

Thanks for being such an amazing host, Swee :)


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