2008-06-07, 2:09 a.m.


Met with Dionna with Daddy cus he had some course thing going on at 10 cus we were going to Escape together. I woke up at 9 just for that, & I couldn't believe Athena & Sheryl couldn't drag themselves up after how I did. Hahaha :)

So yeah, it was damn stupid. We talk talk talk, then took wrong line, so went back to Amk. So we took again, supposed to alight at Cityhall, but we alighted at DhobyGhaut, so we had to take one more stop to get to Pasir Ris. When we finally did reach Pr, it was 11plus alr. LOL. Cabbed to Escape, cost less than 4bucks. Hehehe :D

Stupid Jiaen la, tell us she reached alr, so we cabbed there, but she was still in her comfort zone. So in the end, we reached there first. Then they came, & then Cheok came 1min later. LOL. & Sheryl didn't pay, mind you. She used her previous day's stamp to come in, so she didn't pay her rightful 17.70. Hahahha :)

Went on Inverter first! Chao fun, thought it'd be pretty scary, but didn't turn out to be that thrilling. Quite sad :(
Then went on other rides like Rainbow, Family Coaster, Viking, GoKart, basically all the rides there la. But we went on the water thing last, cus we were totally DRENCHED.

So yeah, we went to Haunted House after lunch at BK, & then at the very last part where you're supposed to exit, there was this masked man crawling towards us at the bridge, & everyone just freaked out. Like I mean, REALLY FREAKED OUT. Esp Athena & Ashley. LOL. Then Sheryl hero la, volunteered to walk in front, when the thing came, she kept walking backwards until finally, I was the one standing in front [I was 3rd in line]. I still remember I was telling everyone to chill, & then I shut my eyes cus I figured the mask was what was scaring me the most, so I just shut my eyes. Felt him going past me, then I started leading everyone out.
Went out alr, Athena went like "MY SLIPPER'S GONE." Then we all started laughing like mad, then Sheryl went to tell the guide the slipper's inside & the guide told her to go in to take, so she as usual la, go hero and volunteer. Went in & then came out before 5s cus the slipper was with the ghost and she didn't want to walk all the way to the end & see the ghost, so I went with her. ONLY THE BOTH OF US KAY, IN THE WHOLE JOURNEY. Went in with one or two guides, then reached the electrocuted man there, he was sitting on the stone thing that was surrounding the guy, and he looked like he wasn't alive, cus he was so still and all. Then suddenly, as if realising that Sheryl & I were there, he turned to look at us. & then he started to walk towards us, with his hand groping inside his robes & fishing out this red slipper which contrasted in the darkness. Then Sheryl was hilarious. She hero again la, walk in front of me. So we kept going backwards until I was glued to the wall, & soon Sheryl was level with me. He just kept on holding the slipper in his hand & Sheryl & I were abit too stunned and scared to make a grab for it, so she kept on begging him to return it. & then, he walked back towards the entrance and signalled us to follow him. So SHERYL HERO AGAIN, walk in front, & then SCREAMED, cus he was crawling towards us again, and it was a L-shape bend so we couldn't see & didn't expect it. After that he signalled to us that the slipper was at the entrance, so I reconfirmed with him & he nodded. I said "We have to go get it ourselves?" - Nod. "It's not with you anymore?" - Nod. "You're not coming with us?" - Nod. "Okay thanks. Sheryl, bow & nod." *RUN*

So we ran out, AND IT TURNS OUT THAT THE SLIPPER WASN'T AT THE ENTRANCE, so we were like HUH. Then we recounted about how he scared us to them & Ashley was saying we damn stupid, should have made a grab for it. So we went back into the entrance, & he was waiting at the entrance. He fished out the slipper again, & Ashley made a grab for it & ran out. So left Sheryl & I, HE STARTED CHASING US. So we ran. LOL.

Etcetcetc, went on the rainbow ride thing, then Sheryl has to sit whenever we have to queue for a ride, so she sat cross-legged, wearing Athena's red slippers because Dionna was wearing hers to increase her height a little & Athena was wearing Dionna's. IN OTHER WORDS, SHERYL > RED SLIPPERS. Yep, that's it. Then when the guy opened the gates to let us in, he went like "Oh, so you're the one with the red slippers ar." Then it dawned on us and we all chorused "OH IT'S YOU ARRRRRRRRRR." LOL! Damn stupid, & he went "Shhhh.." :D really fun day altogether.

Then everyone started leaving; Athena left before we went on bumper boat together. After bumper boat, we were really wet, but thank god I brought dry clothes, so when everyone left, leaving Ashley & I only to go on repeated rides, she was wetting those spots she sat on. LOL.
Well then, we just went on rides. First family coaster twice, then inverter twice, then we decided to go on viking for 5 times cus we kept talking in the wind. LOL. But after that we both felt like puking alr. HAHAHHA :)
Went on GoKart at around 730 cus it was SOOOOOOOOO long queue. Then Ashley was so loser; she left 4th, ended up 4th. I lft 7th, ended up 3rd. LOL. :)

Went home, bought macs to eat, & then told Dad I had a stayover tonight at Swee, & here I am, posting tonight :)

Will post tmr about what I did today. SORRY! :)

KungfuPanda's awesome! :) Really wizard!

Talking to both Sheryl & Ashley now <3

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