2008-06-21, 1:36 p.m.

I think this is kinda late, but did I mention that Cheryl was being exceptionally noisy during the party? She insisted that it was sugarrush, but seriously, it was SO attention-seeking. She was really talking at the top of her voice, fighting to answer the guys and everything, as if trying to get people to notice her if they hadn't. I mean, it was so unlike her! Swee, Yvette & I were glaring at her throughout the party. & so coincidentally, her effects of coke wore off when the guys left. -.- that was super lame.

Moving on.. Hahahha :)

Elisa came yday! She called me at like 1230 and woke me up, then I couldn't sleep anymore, so I went to bathe. Came out, around 1-ish, then I heard a knock and I opened it, & I saw ELISA! Lols :) she gave me this rose thing from Minitoons that says 'You're the best' :D & this toastbox thing. :D it was my breakfast I guess. LOL :)

I'm proud to say that I've finished my English Restaurant Review yday night! Like, finally :D

This morning, I was pretending to sleep, heard Sapph & Mum quarrelling. Over Sapph again, obviously. Cus she went to put the pictures of her & Eddie kissing on MY COMPUTER. And I couldn't stand it, so I deleted it and told my Mum about it. I mean, I'm not shy to admit it, cus if she didn't do it, I couldn't tell Mummy anything. & Mummy told me something damn shocking today, she said my gran went to the temple to ask the deities about my family thingy, so she said "Their family's money's been missing, & they have a maid in the house, so we were wondering if she was the one behind it." & the deity said "Don't suspect other people / outsiders. It's definitely one of you, and the one who loves dressing up, branded stuff, changes boyfriends regularly." that's what the deity said. Like, omg, first the deity doesn't know us, & then he / she says this. -.- I'm abit.. creeped out?

And I'm disgusted. Like if I find out it's really Sapph who's been taking our money, I'm really disgusted with her. And I won't think I'd want to admit I have a sister like that. Not when she was the one who kept on telling me "It has to be Kak."

Jigoku Shoujo is nice.. :) Hell Girl- Enma Ai.

Finishing Geog & Math today! Mustmustmust. That's basic. & then start Home ecs, probably. 0.o


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